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LOX Network runs smoothly thanks to the technologies powering our ecosystem.

Putting the power of device ownership in the hands of owners, not wireless carriers. Our mission is to secure and recover devices through global data accessibility and sharing.

Tech Stack

Consensus Modelofthe LOX Network

The LOX Network is based on the consensus mechanism of Proof of Authority (PoA), providing high performance and high fault tolerance on our hybrid blockchain.

By including the PoA on the LOX Network, we gain the right to generate a new block which is provided to the nodes that have proven their authority. During the process of gaining authority, the node must go through an authentication process. Validators will have to go through a know-your-customer (KYC) process authorized on the LOX-EVM chain.

Advantages of applying a PoA consensus to wireless device security include:

High-performance hardware is not required.

Compared to PoW consensus, PoA consensus doesn’t require nodes to spend computational resources for solving complex mathematical tasks.

The interval of time at which new blocks are generated is predictable.

For PoW and PoS consensuses, the time varies.

High transaction rate.

Blocks are generated in a sequence at appointed time intervals by authorized network nodes. This increases the speed at which transactions are validated.

Tolerance to compromised and malicious nodes, as long as 51% of nodes are not compromised.

LOX Network will implement a ban mechanism for nodes and means of revoking block generation rights.

Brandsusing ourblockchain

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