Building NextGeneration of GlobalWireless Device Security

LOX Network developing the world's firstfully decentralized security network.



We’re providing the world’s first global IMEI blacklist database for smartphone crime using blockchain technology. Our project is designed to target and dismantle the phone theft industry through a decentralized blacklist acessible to our key partners such as law enforcement.

We achieve this by bridging our users’ unique digital and physical ownership through our proprietary blockchain and NFTs. We’ve developed a hybrid blockchain and combined this with NFT technology to increase smartphone security. We use a unique dual-NFT model, combining both the SmartNFT and SmartLOX NFTs to bridge users’ digital and physical ownership and enhance their wireless device security.

At the center of ecosystem is the LOX token and the smart LOX coin powering interactions between users, partners, and key stakeholders. Learn more about the LOX Ecosystem here.


Putting the power of device ownership in the hands of owners, not wireless carriers. Our mission is to secure and recover devices through global data accessibility and sharing.

Tech Stack

Our VisionValues and Ethos

With interoperability, lower costs, faster speeds, and improved user experience including built-in functionality, LOX Network lowers the barrier to entry for developers and content creators.

Our vision is to create a developer-friendly ecosystem that’s inclusive and community-centric. The LOX Network rewards contributors and the community, creating a incentive-driven system managed by the LOX DAO to encourage future development. This enables creators to build and launch their own projects on our proprietary hybrid blockchain.

Learn about our vision, values, and ethos here.

Our Partners

Our partners include law enforcement, phone carriers, retailers, resellers, manufacturers, OS developers, and insurers. Together, we’re developing the LOX Network ecosystem and working to reduce global smartphone crime.

Visit our Ecosystem Page for more details about our partners including how to partner with us.