Harnessing HybridBlockchain Techto EnhanceWireless Device Security

The LOX Network Combines Our Proprietary NFTs to Make Smartphone Crime A Thing of The Past.

We are providing the world’s first global blockchain-based IMEI blacklist. Our project is designed to target and dismantle the mobile phone theft industry through a decentralized blacklist.

The LOX ecosystem uses a hybrid blockchain with our two NFTs to increase smartphone security. We use a unique dual-NFT model, combining both the SmartNFT and SmartLOX NFTs to bridge users’ digital and physical ownership an vastly improve their wireless devices security.

The Centre ofThe Ecosystem

The LOX Token

The LOX token, our native currency, is central to the LOX Network. $LOX is part of our reward structure and incentivizes mission success. Device owners can create bounties paid in $LOX for the recovery of lost and stolen devices.

Additionally, users who find such devices and return them to their owners receive a reward paid in $LOX. Users can also receive a $LOX reward when finding a blacklisted device with no apparent owner. These three incentives are designed to increase the recovery of devices.

Our native token is on the XRP ledger and our token contract is a layer one blockchain providing a bridge between the XRP and LOX Network blockchains.

A New Dimensionto HybridBlockchains

Our ecosystem combines private and public blockchains into a single technology solution. We’re adopting key elements of NFT technology, DeFi, and DAO to build our ecosystem and deliver comprehensive solutions at scale and at greatly-reduced transaction costs.

LOX NetworkHybrid BlockchainKey Features

We provide typical blockchain functions including an in-house cross-chain as well as the following features:

  • Tools for developers including RUST, EVM, and Solidity
  • Project scalability potential
  • High speed, low fee transactions
  • Intuitive backend developers and frontend for users
  • A public and private hybrid blockchain without the need for a bridge or multiple codes
  • Greatly improved interoperability and speed when compared with bridged blockchains.