05 September, 2022
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Start of Week Update | Sept. 5, 2022

05 September, 2022

As we do every month following the AMA, this update will be brief.

For those who haven’t seen the AMA, please feel free to check it out. We discuss some updates to the tokenomics and upcoming plans for MetaLox London!

Expect to see updates on SoluLab’s progress by the end of the week and info on the remaining MetaLox airdrop trouble tickets. So far, we’ve only come across tickets where the MetaLox trustline was simply not input correctly or missing entirely, but we are going through each ticket that was submitted before August 19 to verify.

Since the tickets are still open, we’ve, unfortunately, still seen and heard of customer support scams. Please know, we will not reach out to you in DM unless you reach out to us first under any circumstance. All concerns need to be sent by you on either Telegram or Discord. In Telegram, ensure you contact the user name @LOXNetworkCEO. In Discord, ensure the user is @Decentral#6579. Similarly, ensure the replies come from those addresses with your original comment starting the conversation.

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! -Team Lox

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