08 November, 2021
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08 November, 2021

Looking forward to this week, we passed the first stage of the Ripple Creator’s Grant and have advanced to the second round to join several other XRPL projects you may already be familiar with! We are humbled to be in consideration with other amazing XRPL teams!


Today, we begin our development with SoluLab to build the hybrid blockchain Lox Network. Our GitHub should go live this week as well for everyone to follow along with progress. Several dedicated teams from SoluLab will work with us on the LOX network hybrid blockchain, mobile app and the technical paper in parallel to achieve maximum development at pace. For those who may be new, SoluLab is a leading blockchain, mobile and web development company started by an ex-vice president from Goldman Sachs and ex-principle software architect from Citrix. SoluLab provides full-spectrum, 360-degree services helping turn dreams into fantastic software and products. SoluLab is only one of several exciting partnerships!

Friday Follow-ups

As mentioned in Friday’s update, Bitrue Power Piggy goes live for SmartNFT Nov. 9 at 4:00 pm UTC with an announced 4% APR and lock ups follow the next day with the announced 12% APR.

The Probit listing announcements are now imminent. We will tweet out any update we receive on that as soon as we hear.

And our validator we mentioned going live last week is now visible. Check it out! https://livenet.xrpl.org/validators/nHU1FjdH4RZqAWyyRQt9qM1rMfmBQWQhFyW4GJiNtJprELQW7w9s

Team Announcement

We added two new members to our core team: Mike Belevtsov was added as our Chief Marketing Officer. And for those of you who have been around even a few days, you have probably at least met our new Chief of Staff, Stuart Harris. Stu’s hard work and dedication has been second to none, and his leadership qualities have really come out over the last few months! Please extend welcomes and congratulations when you get the chance! We will continue to announce more team members as we gear up for the launch of our website.

Wrapping Up

Short and sweet as promised! We’re still working on lots of tasks in the background (trying to lock down a partnership with a data storage solution and getting on a specific whitelist, for example), and we’ll keep everyone up to date through our Twitter and Discord. – Team LOX

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