02 November, 2021
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END OF WEEK 05/11/2021

02 November, 2021

The highlight of this week comes with the launch of our validator on the XRPL. Lox Network is doing their part to pitch in and help keep the XRPL healthy and we encourage and willing to give pointers to every new team (and the old ones, too!) to have their own validators online. Please make sure to ask any of your other favorite teams if and when they plan to contribute to the ledger they are building their own success stories off of.

SmartNFT and SmartLOX

We have submitted the applications to both CoinMartketCap and CoinGecko for both SmartNFT and SmartLOX tokens. Both should go live shortly. Keep an eye on the respective websites for updates. You may have also noticed that we added the CoinGecko API to our Discord for LOX’s live price feed. Once SmartNFT and SmartLOX go live, we will add them to the live price feed as well.

Tech Paper

As we have finished and published the project’s vision via our whitepaper, we now shift our focus towards giving you the technical details and have started to work on this, we expect this to be available over the next six to eight weeks.


ProBit has finally indicated they will be able make an announcement soon. Token integration took a little longer than they expected, but the long-awaited listing date for LOX has now been given. We are expecting the LOX listing to go live Nov. 11, SmartNFT will be the following week Nov. 18, and then SmartLOX will be listed the week after Nov. 25 ProBit will make the official announcements very soon!

From Bitrue

SmartNFT – Power Piggy scheduled to start November 9th at 16:00 UTC and lockups on November 10th at 2:00 UTC. SmartLOX – Power Piggy scheduled to start November 10th at 16:00 UTC and lockups on November 11th 2:00 UTC.

Please look out for the official announcements from ProBit and Bitrue! Enjoy the fireworks (maybe only a UK thing!) and have a wonderful weekend! – Team LOX

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