12 November, 2021
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12 November, 2021

In what we thought would be a relatively slow week, SmartNFT briefly broke the $0.03 barrier and SmartLOX hit it’s all time high as well! Although it didn’t make it’s all time high, LOX did get on Bitrue’s Top 10 gainers list this week. In fact, the Lox Trio kept three spots in the Top 10 gainers list and each held their spot for more than 24 hours! This is fantastic news! Not only are early holders being rewarded for their patience, but it also means our work with the community’s help is getting solid traction on various social media platforms to gain some interest with new holders.


SoluLab is still plugging away and should join our Discord in the next week or so. When you see them online, please make them feel welcome as we do all of our new members and, who knows, they may even answer a few of your questions!


Probit will host an AMA at a time to be announced. It is scheduled for the day before the listing. Unfortunately, they are having a delay with the token integration, but we are told that this should be resolved next week. We’ll keep everyone posted as we get more details, but you can also follow Probit for the earliest possible information.


Many of you already know our newest members of the core team, but it’s time to formalize their titles. Please take the time to congratulate Essa as our executive assistant, Nikki, our head of design and Louie, our social media manager! They’ve been with us from the most exciting of times to the deepest parts of FUD and back and, as almost anyone in the Discord or Telegram groups can tell you, they’re all willing to go out of their way to help anyone in the community.

Wrap up

Like we mentioned earlier, it was a relatively slow week (at least on the visible side of things). We do plan to have the website launch in the next few days and continue talks and building out the hybrid blockchain and mobile app development. Thank you for the support and patience as always! – Team LOX

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