01 November, 2021
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01 November, 2021

Another week down, another week of accomplishments! The airdrops are complete, all of our social media platforms are up and running (including reopening our Telegram channel for discussion) and we hit 10,000 followers just before October ended giving us more reach when we tweet out major achievements and milestones as they happen.


You did it! You helped us make history getting our third token listed on Bitrue and achieve a major milestone in our journey! Thank you so much! We wouldn’t be in the position we are today without the #LoxFamily and all of the support you give!


In case you missed it, SoluLab and Lox Network officially announced a partnership! SoluLAB is a multi-award-winning development team. With the help of SoluLAB, we are one step closer to building the LOX Network ecosystem. SoluLab, a leading Blockchain, Mobile, and Web development company, started by an ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs and ex-principal software architect of Citrix, provides full-spectrum, 360-degree services helping turn dreams into fantastic software and products.

XRPL Validator

We are busy setting up a validator node to contribute to the XRPL. As you may have noticed, the XRPL is getting tested with the sudden explosion of projects taking full advantage of the decentralized ledger’s speed, reliability and cost effectiveness — the same reasons we migrated from Ethereum to XRPL several months ago. We feel it’s our responsibility to help contribute to the XRPL community and provide one more option to validate transactions on the ledger to share the burden. Expect to see the node to go live shortly followed by an announcement.

Technical Paper

We’re in the process of writing the Technical Paper to really get in the weeds and discuss how Lox Network will operate. This will be a complex paper that will require a lot of internal Q&A to get right. We’re expecting this to be complete in the next 6-8 weeks.

Wrap Up

October was crazy! Three Bitrue listings, a trading competition, the successful (and challenging!) airdrops, building a presence on social media, listing on CoinMarketCap, Coin Gecko, LiveCoinWatch, CoinStats, and Nomics, parternship announcements with SoluLabs and CoinLs, and our applications to Ripple Grants. While we wait on Probit to announce the listing date, we’ll be posting the whitepaper, announcing team members on the updated website and keeping our social media channels active.

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