11 April, 2022
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Start of week update

11 April, 2022

Very short update today. As we received multiple questions regarding the last update, we’ll try to clarify so everyone is on the same page.


Previously, we made a couple of statements that could conflict with each other. In the interest of being as clear and transparent as possible, we hope this simplifies our explanation.

The end goal is to ensure that no one single person receives more than 1.000000000000000000 $MetaLOX. With that goal in mind, distribution is scheduled as:

Only self-custody wallet addresses are considered. We know the wallet addresses that Bitrue and Probit use to distribute to their accounts (and Lox Technology’s, obviously). Those wallets have already been excluded.

Of the remaining wallets, the Top 100 wallets holding $LOX each receive 1 $MetaLOX.

Top 100 wallets holding $SmartLOX will be scheduled to receive 1 $MetaLOX. If that wallet already holds 1 $MetaLOX from the previous $LOX reward, that wallet’s reward from it’s $SmartLOX holdings will be redistributed to the community pool.

Top 100 wallets holding $SmartNFT each receive 1 $MetaLOX. If that wallet already holds 1 $MetaLOX from either the previous $LOX or $SmartLOX rewards, that wallet’s reward from it’s $SmartNFT holdings will be redistributed to the community pool.

We will also do our best to combat whales from redistributing their Lox Trio holdings into multiple wallets to give themselves more opportunities at collecting MetaLOX. We know who some of them are and will ask them politely to refrain. For those people, we are not concerned.

However, we don’t know the identities of every large holder and, as the old saying goes, “trust but verify.” We’re also considering adding code that will scrub parent and child addresses, flagging new wallets that have suddenly gained large holdings, among other concerning issues. There are ways to discipline those wallets. The simplest is removing the specific people who own those wallets from the beta assuming we know who they are. We will bring the more drastic, last resort measures to the community before executing. Hopefully, it never gets to that point.

This distributes a maximum of 300 $MetaLOX into a maximum of 300 wallets owned by a maximum of 300 different people. The remaining 200 (and whatever overlap may occur) will be distributed to active participants in the #LoxFamily — again, with the same stipulation that if a specific community member already owns 1 $MetaLOX, then they will not receive a second $MetaLOX. Many of you reading this can probably already think of several names that will be included as a thank you for their feedback.

We hope this makes our plan perfectly clear. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Our community has many different languages. What makes sense to one person in one language may not translate clearly into another. We’re here to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Thanks for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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