02 May, 2022
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Start of week update

02 May, 2022

We kicked off our week a little early in adding Sunday to our normal working week. We’ll keep this up throughout the month of May. Remember, every Sunday in May is snapshot day! Speaking of…

Lox Founders NFT Snapshot

The first of the five snapshot days is complete! We took three snapshots of each of the Lox Trio tokens held in self-custody on Sunday at 7:00 am, 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm all in the UTC time zone. The average from these snapshots will make up the data for the first snapshot. This ensures the data is correct, gives a slight advantage to those who hold, and puts those who immediately shift funds at the end of a snapshot. It also ensures maximum participation.

This triple snapshot process will be used for the next four snapshot dates, though the exact times may vary slightly. Even if you missed the first snapshot date, it’s still not too late to take part in the next four as the average is still in play. And, even if your average doesn’t make the Top 100 averages for the Lox Founders NFT, the data collected over all of the snapshots will be used to determine each wallet’s fair share of the future $MetaLOX airdrop.

Lox Founders NFT Trading Competition

We said there will be multiple opportunities to earn a Lox Founders NFT to gain access to our beta testing, including giveaways. For the next giveaway, we’ve partnered with MEXC who will host a trading competition on our behalf!

The rules are simple:

1) Register for a MEXC account using the Lox Technology referral link

2) Deposit funds and trade any pair available on MEXC

3) Top 10 traders win a Lox Founders NFT

That’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to hit us up in our Discord or Telegram. Remember, that link is https://promote.mexc.com/a/Lox. It should automatically change to https://www.mexc.com/register?inviteCode=mexc-1PZHw in your browser’s address bar. We encourage you to double check that link available on our official social media channels.

On exchanges…

In case you missed it, we’ve also submitted our application to Binance. This is only an application and the process can be quite lengthy. We will do everything required to get this to happen regardless of what requirements are made. Fortunately for us, one such requirement is to have a bridge to BSC in place. That was something we had no idea was required, but had already started! This is definitely something we’ll keep everyone up to date on as we progress.

Ripple Grant

On a sad note, we were not selected for this round. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the teams who were selected are very deserving, accomplished teams themselves. It’s simply amazing how far XRPL has grown in the last few months and very exciting to see what ideas are coming to fruition! A hearty and well-deserved congratulations goes out to those selected and we’re cheering for each one of you! Their accomplishments are just as important to the health of XRPL and the continued decentralization of blockchain technology as ours. We stand behind the product we envision and we’ll continue to charge ahead to make our dream into a reality!

Met Meeting

Remember a few weeks ago when we said we were meeting with the London Metropolitan Police? Our first meeting went extremely well! We have another meeting scheduled for the Met to come back to us with some feedback giving us their perspective on what would be needed for a law enforcement agency to use a decentralized IMEI blacklist to recover stolen phones. An official department using our blockchain technology would be an absolute game changer! Just like we said last time, this is our most important piece to the puzzle. Wish us luck!

Wrap Up

Our community is exploding! We have almost hit 40k followers on Twitter! It took us ages to get to 20k. 20k to 30k was quicker, but 30k to 40k has been incredible! We are eyeing up 50k soon as word about what we are doing and building is starting to get around and spreading like wildfire. A lot of this is thanks to the #LoxFamily and all of the support you’ve each provided over the last nine months. We cannot thank each of you enough! It’s truly humbling and we will do everything in our power to make you proud! – Team Lox

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