09 May, 2022
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Start of week update

09 May, 2022

We hope Mother’s Day went well for everyone and you let that special lady in your life know how much you appreciate and love them for all of the support and unconditional love!


Thank you for all of those who participated in the AMA over the weekend! We really appreciated all of the questions from the community and hope to see more of them in the future. It really does help us see where the community wants to see the direction of our project go and is a major factor in our future decisions. Please keep those questions coming!

For those who missed it, there is a minutes-like summary of the AMA in our Discord. Please use the invite link on our Twitter page or you can use this one (but the invite link here will expire May 16, 2022).

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

We have an issue with the final consensus model for the hybrid part of the Lox Network blockchain. This may cost us some time to fix. The initial estimate is 1-2 weeks, but we need to do more work to understand what the issue is! Remember, Lox Network is a new model and one that is on the bleeding edge. We expect to hit a few bumps on the road. This is one such instance. Having said that, this is not expected to be a major issue and one we can and will fix. It is important that we share everything with our family. That includes setbacks and inconveniences; not just the exciting.

As previously stated, Lox Network’s testnet launch is approaching. As that draws nearer, we will focus more on advertising and promotion of our tech. With testnet being finalized and the all important launch following, you will see some major push around this over the coming weeks!


We’ve lined up two new partnerships in Down Detector for real-time feedback and health monitoring of our blockchain and Contentful for content management services and analytics.

Expect to see official announcements out shortly to see how these two will factor in to Lox Technology’s goals.

Wrap Up

As we continue to tie up loose ends, here’s some brief follow ups on previous announcements: SmartLox app’s dark mode screens are due this week (sneak peaks are below). MEXC’s trading competition is scheduled to end May 30. Look out for some trading competition data and who is leading the way. Winners are expected to be announced in the first week of June. For more information on that, please follow this link to our most recent tweet on the competition. The second of the series of five triple snapshots went ahead as planned and without a hitch. Again, the Top 100 averages of each of the Lox Trio tokens will be rewarded with a Lox Founders NFT (check out this cool video on the NFT!). Additionally, the data from these snapshots will be used to determine each wallet’s share of the eventual $MetaLOX token airdrop. Our Google dev account has been approved ahead of schedule and we are now working with Apple to setup our dev accounts there. Last, our Persona accounts are ready and we are now working on integrating the APIs with our app and backend.

Thanks for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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