16 February, 2022
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Start of week update

16 February, 2022

Lox Network

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you had or are having a great time with your special someone and friends! As we push forward with another week, we’re finally starting to see actual results like a SmartLOX mobile security wireframing reveal (with it’s integrated wallet and staking functions), nearing the completion of the MetaLOX, SmartLOX and SmartNFT landing pages and SoluLab having product for both Gitbook and Github.


Following Hurrian’s announcements for the airdrop and decision not to meet Bitrue’s terms, we received several questions regarding recommendations for LOX Trio holders wanting to participate in the MLD airdrop but also having tokens locked in Bitrue’s yield generating programs.

We are still working with Hurrian requesting their team adjust the snapshot and airdrop dates to allow maximum participation from everyone who wants to participate. We are hopeful and optimistic that the Hurrian team will announce new dates at some point this week. For those who missed it, Hurrian also announced an additional 500 million tokens to all set trustlines, regardless of LOX Trio holdings, to both help cover Bitrue’s withdrawl fees for LOX Trio holders needing to move funds to their self-custody wallet and bring more awareness to the project in the XRPL community.

But to answer the question directly, at this time, we are recommending holders wishing to participate in the MLD airdrop to move their funds to a self-custody wallet like XUMM. If you’re unsure of how to do this or how to safely create a new wallet, there are many trusted resources available. Our ambassadors and community are a great start. We also highly recommend community projects like XRPL.org, XRPL.Services and XRPToolkit to learn more about the XRP Ledger.

As always, holders who may be affected by this news are encouraged to reach out to Hurrian for more information.


We have also received a lot of questions regarding the MetaLOX airdrop and trustline delays. Simply put, we are not ready yet as a few things still need to fall into place (for example, the MetaLOX design and development team must be finalized). Some of these details are taking longer than anticipated, but we don’t want to make the same mistakes we made earlier with other airdrops. For those with us very early know there was a lot of confusion from obstacles we naively and needlessly created for ourselves — and opened ourselves up to opportunists and con artists. Fortunately, we learned from those mistakes and feel it’s better for the #LoxFamily to do it right for a smooth, stress-free result — even if it means frustrating those we care about with delays in the short term. It is coming and, when the time is right, all holders wanting to participate will have their tokens. Please feel free to reach out to us with ideas or just to vent your frustration about it. We’re here for you and apologize for the inconvenience.

Wrap Up

Not much solid today from Friday’s update, but expect us to share any Hurrian airdrop updates and posts regarding job application announcements (as mentioned last week).

In the meantime, we’re still in talks with metaverse design companies, looking into the possibility of a play-to-earn partner, a hopeful exchange listing to coincide with the SmartLOX app demo launch, and a collaboration with an eco-friendly mobile phone processing company specializing in recycling, refurbishing and recovering parts from broken, retired and overstock devices.

(That last one is really exciting to us! But may take the most time before we can give details.)

Thanks as always for the support and patience! – Team LOX

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