31 January, 2022
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Start of week update

31 January, 2022


That said, Hurrian has released their information. If you have any questions regarding Hurrian or the $MLD token, please reach out to the Hurrian team.

We’re still waiting for both Bitrue and Probit to decide if they can support the MetaLOX airdrop. The trustline release does not mean that we will perform a snapshot. We will not move forward with making any decisions on snapshots timeframes until we are confident that we understand Bitrue’s and Probit’s respective intentions to support (or inability if that’s what either decides). If you are unsure on what a trustline is or how to set one, please refer to the official XRPL documentation or trusted sources like XRPL.services and XRP Toolkit. We will provide details such as airdrop requirements, recommendations on how to participate (based on our exchanges’ decisions) and snapshot timeframes at a later time, but for those who are self-custodians of their Lox Trio may be able to set the MetaLOX trustline once available.

Questions from the community

We still have the #LoxFamily questions in our queue. It was decided to wait on publishing answers until the tech documents are publicly released as many of the answers could be referenced there for verification. We do apologize for the delay on these as we know many of you are excited to learn more. We also do not want to provide information that you cannot then ensure is correct information. As much as we appreciate your trust in us, we want to give you the ability to verify. We deeply believe in decentralization and DYOR. Asking you to trust our answers are true goes against that belief and unfair to you.

Wrap Up

Don’t forget to follow Hurrian on Twitter and Facebook and the Musician Life team behind the $MLD token for more information on their upcoming Melody token airdrop. Also, keep your Twitter notifications on for the next few days to get MetaLOX trustline information, updates on shipping from SoluLab as well as gear we’re shipping out. Remember, this trustline setting is not a race; we will airdrop based on Lox Trio holdings regardless of how many trustlines are set or what time you set it. Thanks for the suppport #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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