15 August, 2022
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Start of week update

15 August, 2022

This update will be a little different. We’ll focus on updates from the business side more this time so our partners at SoluLab can celebrate the national holiday today with friends and family. We’ll get more information from the dev notes later this week, but it does give us a chance to discuss a little bit on other developments and how they relate to the evolving roadmap.

Short Term

We’ve touched on MetaLox a few times over the last couple of weeks. The next hint at what we’re envisioning is scheduled to drop this month with the MetaLox London map preview. We’re aiming to have it done to give everyone a chance to check it out and have their questions ready for an exciting AMA next month. With that, we’re also starting the process to get $MetaLox on Bitrue’s voting platform. While we have no set date on this right now, it’s something that we can all look forward to in the immediate future. For those unfamiliar with Bitrue and how our partners there use their $BTR token for listings, staking, farming, and other utilities, please check this out from their official blog.

Since we’re on the subject of $MetaLox, we have resolved approximately 20 more issues over the weekend bringing us up to about 40 legitimate tickets. However, we need to set a hard date that we can provide further support. If you are still concerned with your airdrop or allotment, you have until Friday, August 19 to submit your ticket to Lucas in either Telegram or Discord. In Telegram, ensure you contact the user name @LOXNetworkCEO. In Discord, ensure the user is @Decentral#6579. Any DMs received before Friday, August 19 will be reviewed and a final decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. Any DMs regarding the $MetaLox airdrop that are received after the deadline will be denied.

Please include a screenshot of the address pasted into https://coolscreeners.net/LoxNetwork/snapshot/. Additionally, please either type out or cut-and-paste the address in regular text so it’s usable on our end. While we will still go through the process of manually typing in the address off the screenshot, please know that your ticket will automatically go to the end of the line to expedite resolving other #LoxFamily concerns (not to mention that it’s in your self-interest to ensure the address is correct and a final decision isn’t made based on a typo)

Once again:

DO NOT give anyone — including a Lox Network staff member — your seed phrase under any circumstance.

DO NOT transfer funds to anyone who asks you to send funds.

DO NOT answer any DM from customer support or staff member or moderator; you will need to make the first step. We will NOT under any circumstance reach out to you in DM.

The most common issue with the $MetaLox airdrop came from the user simply not setting the trustline. While it seems minor, this omission opens yourself up as a target to unauthorized support staff that have nothing to do with our team. Part of the reason we stress setting trustlines prior to an airdrop is specifically to minimize your risk to unethical people who want your tokens for whatever their rationale. Please practice extreme caution and assume everyone is untrustworthy.

Long Term

Looking ahead and in addition to the working demonstration video we still owe you, expect to see an updated whitepaper in the early fall. We’re targetting the first week of September give or take a couple of weeks, but there’s still a lot of work as we want to publish it alongside the new LOX Network website. The website will include new videos, user guides, tutorials to set up new accounts and new articles that we’ll push out to wire services targetting crypto media publishing outlets.

This winter, we’re also targetting the Lox Network Testnet launch, opening public testing for the Lox wallet and SmartLOX mobile security applications, and two games, an augmented reality and a card game, both set for development to start in late 2022 or early 2023.

Wrap Up

Last, we’re expecting the third exchange to make their announcement next week. Hopefully, that means they have resolved their issues in integrating to the XRPL!

So with that, please remember that Friday, August 19 is the drop dead hard date for any $MetaLox airdrop support that you need to initiate (DO NOT respond to any support staff offering assistance if they sent the DM first) and expect to hear more from Bitrue in the near future!

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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