24 January, 2022
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Start of week update

24 January, 2022

Meme Competition

Kicking off another week! Not much has changed from the last update, so we’ll keep this one short.

There’s still time to participate in our latest contest! Head over to our Discord, if you haven’t already, and check out the #¦????¦・memes-gifs channel and post your custom Lox Network memes and GIFs. The winners will be selected by the community; the one with highest total number of likes and reactions takes home the prize!

???? Prize = $75 of SmartNFT & $75 of SmartLOX

???? Price = $50 of SmartNFT & $50 of SmartLOX

???? Prize = $25 of SmartNFT & $25 of SmartLOX

The competition ends Jan. 26 at 16:00. For more information, stop by our Discord or reach out to any of the staff or ambassadors.

Airdrop and Trustlines

We’re still waiting on answers from Bitrue and Probit (hopefully, this week!) but we’re still on track to announce the trustline settings for MetaLOX by the end of the month. As stated earlier, us releasing the trustline information does not mean we are taking a snapshot. We need to know if the exchanges will support and give the community time to make their own decision on where they want to have their tokens for the snapshot (if they choose to participate in the snapshot). Same goes for our friends at Hurrian.

Wrap Up

We’ll be reviewing more documents to post on Git this week so, with any luck, those will finally be uploaded. The phones from the giveaway last month are scheduled to ship out to the winners tomorrow (yes, the goal was to have it done a couple of weeks ago. Both health and logistic issues have popped up on us over that time. Now that we’ve sorted that out, we’re going to get back on track there). Thanks for the support #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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