08 August, 2022
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Start of week update

08 August, 2022

Starting off the week after wrapping up a weekend AMA on Discord. Thank you to everyone who participated! Communication is a two-way street and we love the feedback. It truly does help us to know we’re going in the right direction, need to make a course adjustment or slow down to reprioritize. For those that may have missed it earlier, here’s the link to last weekend’s AMA with Lucas.

Dev Update

The behind-the-scenes work doesn’t end! Here’s what we’re tracking this week and which of our friends at SoluLab gets the credit.

SmartLOX Mobile Security Application


  • WebSocket /JSON RPC integration (Pranav)
  • Fetch the latest balances of the token list using socket (Pranav)
  • Bug Fixing (SLX-829, SLX-869, SLX-870, SLX-871, SLX-872, SLX-873, SLX-874, SLX-875, SLX-876, SLX-877, SLX-878, SLX-879) (Mohd. Naushad)
  • Remove tagged user (Abhay)
  • Search in chat (Abhay)


  • Logout functionality (Virendra)
  • Update import wallet functionality (Virendra)
  • Profile Image Upload & Edit changes (Pankil)
  • Change file upload URL in a forum (Sandeep)
  • Show video in the media category in the forum and play video (Sandeep)


  • Collection design admin user, admin device, user device, role (Mukesh)
  • Existing API code review (Mukesh)
  • Admin create API (Abhinav)
  • Change setup for email notification (Abhinav)
  • Device update API Admin panel (Gowtham)
  • Fetch device details API Admin panel (Gowtham)

Web Admin Panel

  • Bug Fixing (SLX-860, SLX-861, SLX-862, SLX-863, SLX-864, SLX-865, SLX-866, SLX-867, SLX-868) (Pratik)

Other Tasks

  • Testing the Admin Panel remaining models (Bhuvnesh)
  • Verify the bug fixes in iOS & Android builds (Bhuvnesh)

LOX Network


  • Development and testing LOX EVM engine-Relayer (Tanya)


  • Research on API-JS/node for a deposit, reserved storage, and transactions (Siddharth)

LOX Private

  • Certificate Authentication deployment script and testing

Other Tasks

  • Reviewing content for lite-paper (Neel)
  • Relayer flow and R&D for send transaction issue (Neel)

Wrap Up

Given the AMA was just a couple of days ago, that leaves us with a brief update. The MetaLOX discovery phase is underway with focus on MetaLOX London. The goal is to have London divided into larger plots of virtual land that will eventually get subdivided down into smaller pieces that the owner can sell or lease or build — whatever the imagination can come up with. That’s just one of the ideas we have in mind and we’ll of course talk much more on that later. We’re excited to hear what you think!

As always, thanks for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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