01 August, 2022
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Start of week update

01 August, 2022

Kicking off August with minimal news as Saturday’s AMA will focus on answering #LoxFamily’s questions. This update also serves as the final reminder to set trustlines for the first $MetaLOX airdrop scheduled for August 4.

Development Update

Our in house dev team headquartered in the United Kingdom and our development partners at SoluLab continue to build the Lox Network ecosystem and it’s flagship product, the SmartLox Mobile Security App. Here’s a quick look at what they’re producing and who’s to credit for their accomplishments (and, if you recall, the SLX ticket codes refer to our recent migration to Jira, an industry-standard platform allowing our development team to better manage workflow, collaborate with teams in various locations around the globe, and track progress in a clean, detail-oriented format)

SmartLox Mobile Security App


  • Play audio files (Abhay)
  • Forum chat integration (Abhay)
  • Code refactor and code restructuring (Pranav, Mohd. Naushad)
  • Show recovery phrase (Pranav)
  • Security Setting Hide Balance (Mohd. Naushad)


  • Bug fixing – SLX – 773, SLX – 774 (Pankil)
  • Code refactor and code restructuring (Pankil, Virendra)
  • Show reply message on forum chat UI for sender (Sandeep)
  • Show reply message on forum chat UI for the receiver (Sandeep)
  • Bug fixes SLX – 783, SLX – 787, SLX – 788 (Sandeep)
  • Decryption of KMS data in show mnemonics (Virendra)


  • Admin API listing and design (Mukesh)
  • Forum API listing and design (Mukesh)
  • Add IAM policy to the bucket, and remove public access (Mukesh)
  • Redis validation function implementation in XRP module and auth APIs (Abhinav)

Lox Network

LOX Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Engine

  • Development of LOX-EVM-CLI & testing (Tanya)


  • Resolve shard issue validator (Siddharth)
  • Test validator flow & deploy validator node on ec2 (Siddharth)

Other Tasks and Accomplishments

  • Created test tokens on XRP testnet for SmartLox Application, wallet transfer testing (Neel)
  • Created total supply API as requested by Mike, shared in Telegram (Neel)
  • Review LitePaper and additional feature list for Lox Network (Neel)
  • Creating LOX Blockchain Platform Scripts and flows (Sushain)
  • Testing the setting EVM engine relayer and PostgreSQL

Wrap Up

If you’ve been putting off setting the trustline, you’re running out of time! The first airdrop is scheduled for August 4. Those who participated in the five-series snapshot several weeks ago must have their trustlines set prior to the airdrop to receive their fair share.

If you use XUMM wallet, feel free to use this direct link. As always, we encourage safe navigation, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Before accepting the information, please ensure the information matches the information below:

  • Issuer Address: rDkjv8oQrgzHjjwZNnFAjWWrhRJgg6g56T
  • Token currency code: MetaLOX
  • Limit: 100000000000

You’re also encouraged to verify the wallet address using long-serving, trusted, 3rd party XRPL Explorers like XRPScan or Bithomp.

If you use manual options, such as XRP Toolkit, please reference the information in the bulleted list above.

For more information regarding trustlines or the XRPL in general, we highly recommend exclusively referring to the official documentation provided by the XRPLF at XRPL.org. There have recently been numerous other groups who may also provide reliable information, but it is never unwise to cross-reference with official information.

Last, please don’t forget to get your questions in to the AMA channel on our Discord (that invite link expires August 8, 2022) and on Telegram. The AMA is scheduled for August 6 and includes a working demonstration video of Lox Network produced by SoluLab. While, admittedly, it is quite dry and technical, it should still be quite exciting to see the method to the madness and how it all fits together.

Until then, we’ll keep on the lookout for the third exchange to make their announcement, waiting on word from the London Metropolitan Police, and, certainly not forgotten, still in talks with various data tag production companies.

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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