29 July, 2022
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Start of week update

29 July, 2022

A very brief update to end the week as we head into a new month.

This the second-to-last reminder for the $MetaLOX airdrop. If you’ve been putting off setting the trustline, there’s still time! The airdrop is scheduled for August 4 with a second $MetaLOX airdrop when the platform launches. That second date will be announced later. This means that participants should expect the 1:1 airdrop completed twice.

If you use XUMM wallet, feel free to use this direct link. As always, we encourage safe navigation, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Before accepting the information, please ensure the information matches the information below:

  • Issuer Address: rDkjv8oQrgzHjjwZNnFAjWWrhRJgg6g56T
  • Token currency code: MetaLOX
  • Limit: 100000000000

You’re also encouraged to verify the wallet address using long-serving, trusted, 3rd party XRPL Explorers like XRPScan or Bithomp.

If you use manual options, such as XRP Toolkit, please reference the information in the bulleted list above.

For more information regarding trustlines or the XRPL in general, always refer to the official documentation provided by the XRPLF at XRPL.org.

Wrap Up

As we wait on the third exchange to make their listing announcement, please don’t forget to get your questions in to the AMA channel on our Discord (that invite link expires August 5, 2022) and on Telegram. The AMA is scheduled for August 6, just a couple of days after the airdrop. We’re also expecting to have a video of a working demonstration of Lox Network produced by SoluLab. Just to set expectations on the video, the working demonstration can be seen as an educational opportunity more so than it’s entertainment value. We feel it’s very informative, but it is quite technical and dry. Though it definitely won’t be considered a hype video, we are still very excited for it’s release!

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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