25 July, 2022
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Start of week update

25 July, 2022

The business side of operations is coming back online. The missed meetings are getting rescheduled, a few deals that were in limbo are being finalized and a video demo of our hybrid blockchain in action is being prepared by our partners at SoluLab highlighting the power of the Lox Network.

Dev News

Here’s what our in house dev team and our partners at SoluLab have been working on:

SmartLOX Mobile Security App

The following tasks for module API/Sockets integrations:

  • User Settings Module
  • KYC Persona Module
  • Devices Module
  • Forum Module

The following tasks are for design integration:

  • Admin Web Panel
  • Forum Management
  • Issues Management
  • Admin Profile


  • Request middleware for request validation
  • Send token API
  • Txn history API refactoring
  • Announcement Strapi Configuration
  • Announcement Strapi API
  • AWS Pin-point Setup
  • Redis Setup

LOX Network

  • Development of LOX Core Network: Dev Mode
  • Developing core Libraries & Sub Dependencies regarding consensus model
  • List of Initial Draft regarding Tokenomics changes in Smart Contracts
  • Creating content for Litepaper
  • Investigate app releases for internal preview
  • Hyperledger Hybrid network Basic setup
  • Basic Architecture design LOX Blockchain Platform private side

At the end of last week, we discussed a little about what some of these tasks mean in the big picture; specifically Lox Core, the heart and soul of the entire ecosystem.

A lot of this week’s work will include a heavy hand of command-line interfacing, or what we’re terming as LOX CLI.

LOX CLI is a Node.js application that relies on lox-api-js to connect to and interact with the LOX blockchain. This versatile command line interface tool will be the backbone to how users create accounts, access keys, and both sign and send transactions.

It is able to do this through the lox-api-js.

lox-api-js is a JavaScript library for development of decentralized applications on the LOX platform. It works in conjunction with our RPC, or remote procedure call, endpoints to help developers connect their application to the LOX network.

Remember how we just discussed how LOX CLI will allow users to create accounts, access keys, and both sign and send transactions?

lox-api-js will access the Account Module to provide common account related RPC calls including signing transactions with a KeyPair. The Connect module connects to LOX using the provided configuration. The Signer module provides general signing interface ( as in memory signing, RPC signing, etc.). KeyPair class provides key pair functionality for Ed25519 curve: generating key pairs, encoding key pairs, signing and verifying.

Airdrop Reminder

Please excuse us sounding like a broken record on this, but we’ll keep dropping this in until the last possible second to ensure that the maximum number of participants who want to join are able to get their share. The MetaLox airdrop is scheduled for Thursday, August 4. Then, a second MetaLox airdrop is scheduled again when the platform launches. That date will be announced later. This means that participants should expect the 1:1 airdrop completed twice.

It also means that the clock is ticking to set your trustline in time if you choose to participate.

  • Issuer Address: rDkjv8oQrgzHjjwZNnFAjWWrhRJgg6g56T
  • Token currency code: MetaLOX
  • Limit: 100000000000

The following paragraph will include the direct link to XRPL Services (please note, I intentionally did not link the trustline to that hyperlink; it’s just a link to XRPL Services homepage for your verification). For those unfamiliar, XRPL Services is basically just an interface to the XRPL that simplifies processes, like setting trustlines, and provides seemless integration with XUMM wallet.

If you choose to use XUMM and XRPL Services, please feel free to use the MetaLOX trustline link provided here: $MetaLOX.

If you use manual options, such as XRP Toolkit, please reference the information in the bulleted list above.

For more information regarding trustlines or the XRPL in general, always refer to the official documentation provided by the XRPLF at XRPL.org.

And, of course, if you choose not to participate, then there is no need to set a trustline.

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

Wrap Up

The third exchange deal has been completed (it was one of the deals we briefly teased in the introduction). We’re just waiting on the exchange to officially announce it so we can retweet it! And as we’re in the last week of July, don’t forget to get your questions in to the AMA scheduled for the first Saturday of August — that’ll be August 6, just a couple of days after the MetaLox airdrop.

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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