18 July, 2022
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Start of week update

18 July, 2022

With the business side of operations still playing catch up and Lucas still working to get back to full strength, some of the other team members have shifted their attention to adding features for the community.

We’ve already mentioned that our writing team has been churning out educational blog posts on NFTs, cryptocurrencies and how they’re shaping (and being shaped by) local regulations in multiple countries. Lox Technology, as a fully compliant UK-based blockchain firm, pays specific attention to policies being discussed and set in London. While our posts may feel they are specific to events happening in the UK, we feel that London is among the global leaders in crypto policy and that what decisions are made here will become the foundation for other capital cities to use as a global standard. Lox Technology aims to be among the firms at the front of the line championing a blend of legal compliance while helping to maintain the decentralized hybrid blockchain, Lox Network.

We hope many of these posts can make for good discussion topics and maybe even bring up some interesting questions and thoughts that may help improve us as a company and the products we’re building.

Several of our team leaders are also continuing to make improvements in the Discord (please note, this link is an invite that will expire July 25, 2022). The FAQ is being rebuilt, the memes channel keeps getting new content, the AMAs are being repopulated after a glitch nearly wiped out all of the previous editions, and we’re working on getting price feeds back online.

Unfortunately, that makes for a light update while we continue to hope for Lucas to get better soon. Warm words are always appreciated!

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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