11 July, 2022
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Start of week update

11 July, 2022

Kicking off another week and hoping in better health!

Dev Update

While the business side was limited last week, our development side continued it’s grind toward building the hybrid blockchain Lox Network and it’s premier application, the SmartLox Mobile Security App. This week, the team has the following assignments:

SmartLox Mobile Security App


  • Lock device – 30 min logic (Pranav)
  • API integration Wallet refresh (Pranav)
  • API integration recent wallet address (Pranav)
  • API integration asset list (Pranav)
  • API integration Recent chats in forums (Abhay)
  • UI design image in forum chat (Abhay)
  • UI design image from the gallery and camera (Abhay)
  • API integration sends an image into the forum chat (Abhay)
  • API integration finder add for the reported device (Mohd. Naushad)
  • API integration user device finder details (Mohd. Naushad)


  • API Integration Download the image in local from the forum chat (Sandeep)
  • API Integration Send video in forum chat (Sandeep)
  • API Integration Download video in local from forum chat (Sandeep)
  • API Integration Device List (Pankil)
  • API Integration Device Details (Pankil)
  • Email OTP backspace bugs (Virendra)
  • Mobile OTP backspace bugs (Virendra)
  • API integration Wallet refresh (Virendra)

SmartLox Backend

  • Improvements in API of User Profile Details (Abhinav)
  • Setup config repo and update build pipeline, Jenkins (Gowtham)

SmartLox Web Admin

  • Login Module (Pratik)
  • Dashboard Module (Pratik)

LOX Network Development


  • LOX-SDK-Rs (Abhijeet)
  • Contract helper Schema (Siddharth)
  • LOX-API-JS (Tanya)


  • LOX *.js (Tanya)

Other Tasks

  • Listing Down Changes and code reviewing for Validator rewards, and tokenomics with respect to the Governance model (Neel)

Wrap Up

The business side is getting caught up on the missed tasks from last week; the $MetaLOX trustline, our token for our decentralized metaverse platform currently in discovery mode, being among the most important concerns to resolve. We’re intending MetaLox to be an online virtual world combining augmented reality and virtual reality with 3D avatars and NFTs to build and create a digital identity to interact with other #LoxFamily members. But, baby steps; we’re playing catch up to get the trustline out and tokens distributed first.

Thank for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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