04 July, 2022
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Start of week update

04 July, 2022

Another active week ahead! As our content team takes the US holiday celebrating Independence Day, this update is brief.


For those who didn’t see it, Essa posted the AMA to our Discord a few days ago. It can also be found in our Telegram as the most recent pin (or probably by the time you’re reading this, it may be the pinned message immediately before this one!)

We touch on a lot of topics in the AMA including the play-to-earn aspects of SmartNFT, updates on SmartLOX and the NFT keys, and team growth. If you haven’t had a chance to check it, please jump on over! If you need an invite for the Discord, you may use this one (Note: the invite code will expire July 11, 2022 if you’re reading this at a later date; a more permanent invite link is available on our Twitter page).

As always, please verify any link you click, including the ones provided by Lox Staff, Ambassadors and Moderators, lead you to official pages and can be corroborated by multiple third-party sources such as generic Google searches. This is an especially important safety tip in the crypto and financial spaces.

Lox Blog

Our content team also published a new blog post a few days ago. If you haven’t checked out our website in a while, you may have missed that we launched a blog last month. It’s being slowly built out, but there’s already several pages built, including past updates, and a few stories that show how our proposed Lox Network solutions may be able to solve real world problems. Check it out and let us know what you think we can do to improve!

Wrap Up

As stated, it’s a very brief update. We expecting to push out announcements out this week regarding MetaLOX, the winners from the second round of our MEXC Trading Competition and an update on Cemil’s task list. As things hopefully wrap up this week, we’re working on having a more exciting update in the near future!

Thanks for all the support, #LoxFamily, and bearing with us as we build! – Team Lox


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