27 June, 2022
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Start of week update

27 June, 2022

Kicking off another week and more pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place!

The Team is Growing!

Last week, we mentioned our new CTO, Cemil, was pushing to hire one of his previous colleagues. We got Cemil’s guy!

Jamal completed his first shift earlier today and has already started to implement some immediate changes to how we work and create pipelines for our development. That’s exactly what Cemil said he would do and exactly what we needed. Jamal’s background and experience in DevOps, CICD, and software delivery and infrastructure architecture will help us improve how we manage the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Jamal’s initial focus will be on building processes and automation to standardize our software delivery process and that includes implementing a Continuous Testing (CT) model. This model encourages constant improvement throughout the software’s life.


Calling back to the puzzle pieces starting to fall into place, here’s some screenshots from the blockchain explorer, LoxScan! Before we get too far ahead ahead ourselves, these are strictly screenshots of the explorer in it’s naked form, not it’s full functioning working self. It does show, however, the front end working with the blockchain!

Wrap Up

Some other minor items of note: Both of our developer accounts with Google and Apple passed verification meaning that both accounts are authorized to publish our apps, like the SmartLOX Mobile Security App, to both the Apple App Store and Google Play when the apps are ready for release.

The MetaLOX discovery phase formally started today. This is going to be a long discovery period taking several months. Though that may be less exciting for most our #LoxFamily, it’s also time for us to get everything ready for the MetaLOX token distribution. We’re tentatively expecting to complete distribution in four-six weeks. We’ll make trustline announcements over our social media channels giving everyone ample time to set their trustlines for those who choose to participate.

And last, the AMA is scheduled for this upcoming Saturday. We need to fall back to doing the AMA the way we were doing it previous to last month until we have a better way to include everyone who wants to participate.

The technical issues aside, we didn’t anticipate the how difficult an audio only AMA on Twitter Spaces is for people who do not speak English natively nor read English at a native level. It also became quite a burden for our ambassadors trying to translate dozens of pages of transcription. YouTube may be a better option in the future, but we’re looking at our options. In the meantime, the way we were doing things in Discord seems to be our best option right now.

Like we said earlier, we always encourage feedback from our #LoxFamily for better ideas, so please let us know what you think!

Thank you as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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