13 June, 2022
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Start of week update

13 June, 2022

Starting off the week on a more serious tone.

Approximately two hours ago, our website was attacked through an HTTP-header based vulnerability. The exploit created an overflow on our server-side.

It was noticed by a security expert, identified and reported to our team within minutes.

We have found no losses in the attack in our initial investigation and, excluding the exploit, there have been no other security breaches. We do not have any customer data stored. Our email server is unaffected, so all internal, business, customer and your communications with us are also secure.

We are now patching the vulnerability to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

We will continue to investigate.

On Delays

There have been questions on the delays specifically regarding Github.

Not to excuse the timeliness, or more appropriately, lack thereof, we may have been quite naïve with earlier promised publication timeframes as the project has evolved and the natural twists and turns. Most of code that has been written at this time is proprietary for the SmartLOX mobile security app. The open source portion of our code base — that part being blockchain related — is simply not ready for publication. This is one of the reasons why we determined that we needed to increase staffing.

Since taking over, Cemil has been reviewing the code and documentation SoluLab has created. We plan to publish his thoughts and findings shortly. Optimistically, we’ll have this available this month. For clarification, that is simply his thoughts and not official documentation like you’d expect in a Github publication. This should give us, and in turn our #LoxFamily, a qualified explanation.

We’ve also noticed at least two projects who may be copying what we are doing. To protect our code, we have not made it public as we do not want to be beaten to market. Though we do not know what their intent is, we are stepping up our ability to defend against hostility. We have been quietly trademarking our brand and applied for patents to protect us and our community/investors. While trademarks and patents won’t prevent an unethical person from plagiarism, it gives us legal protection to pursue malicious actors and, more importantly, helps convince those who may not realize the seriousness of what they may be doing should we ever need to have those discussions.

Wrap Up

Shifting to a more positive outlook, we are looking to integrate the XRP Ledger into the SmartLOX app this week. Front end UI for the Lox Network blockchain explorer (aka LoxScan) is complete and will be tested this week. Speaking of testing, we have been testing things with a single validator and block producer. This week, we will add five more validators to test functionality.

We mentioned in the last update that Bitrue will offer one more round of yield farming the Lox Trio. Bitrue has indicated June 17 as the go live date for those new staking options. We’re still waiting for the official announcement from Bitrue, Once that pops, we’ll pass it on to you as well.

And don’t forget to register for the second MEXC trading competition with five more Lox Founders Key NFTs up for grabs! Just use our referral link to sign up (and please note, that Lox Technology may receive payment from MEXC for users registering using our referral link).

Thanks for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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