30 May, 2022
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Start of week update

30 May, 2022

New moon and new hope to the market (with a little relief hopefully!)

This week is huge for us as a lot of our internal goals are scheduled to hit. Fingers crossed that everything comes together as planned! That said, as stated in the last two updates, this update will be brief (but we hope you’ll forgive us on Saturday!)

Snapshot Conclusion

The fifth and final snapshot of the Lox Trio concluded yesterday! The next step is to take the averages of all holders throughout the five-week process and determine which addresses are in the Top 100 for each of the Lox Trio tokens.

The Top 100 holders will receive no more than one Lox Founders’ Key NFT. We say no more than one as no wallet will be entitled to a second NFT regardless of how many times that wallet appears in the Top 100 holders of each of the Lox Trio tokens.

This will distribute a maximum of 300 of the 500 NFTs to 300 different, but anonymous wallets. The remaining 200 NFTs will be distributed to in a much more subjective manner through giveaways, contests and rewarding our most active community members.

The NFT will grant access to our beta programs to whoever holds it. Our intention was not to create an NFT for this utility; we simply needed a way to ensure we have as close to 500 active participants who can choose to remain anonymous while testing our products.

The data collected from these five snapshots will also be used to calculate each wallet’s fair share of the future $MetaLOX token airdrop. Again, there’s no trustline for $MetaLOX at this time and there’s no plan on when the airdrop will start. Right now, we do have the data that will determine the distribution rate. More information on that to follow in the future.


There’s still time to get your questions in for the AMA scheduled this Saturday, June 4 at 11am UTC. We will also host a live Twitter Space because, as we hinted a few paragraphs ago, this AMA should be HUGE!

We’ve scheduled two members from the SoluLab team; one is the project manager leading our partner’s Lox Network blockchain development team and the other oversees the internal dApp developments for the twin SmartLOX and SmartNFT projects (though we haven’t discussed SmartNFT much of late, it’s critical to the SmartLOX mobile security app — without SmartNFT, there’s no way for SmartLOX to track any mobile device. Highly encourage questions to discuss this live on Twitter!).

We’ll also discuss a team restructure and be joined by our new CTO, two guests from our development team and expanding to a company headquarters to bring our workforce and development home to the UK.

Wrap Up

The MEXC trading competition is coming to a close with the Top 10 traders being entitled to a Lox Founders’ Key NFT. Once the data is available, expect to see a post in our social media channels. Though there’s still a very small amount of time remaining to participate in the competition, anyone in the #LoxFamily can still create an account on MEXC using our referral link. (Full disclosure, Lox Technology may receive payment from MEXC with each new account using the provided referral link. You may, of course, choose to visit MEXC and create an account without using any referral links if you prefer.)

As always, thanks for the love and support, #LoxFamily! We’re looking forward to talking with you Saturday!


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