21 February, 2022
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Start of week update

21 February, 2022

Kicking off the week with a lot of meetings! Not much has changed from the last update, so this one will be very brief. Here’s a look ahead of what we’ll be talking about behind closed doors:


First, we are finalizing a deal with one of the exchanges to support the MetaLOX airdrop. You’re free to speculate which one it is, but Lox moderators, ambassadors and staff will neither agree nor disagree with your guess until it’s official. Hurrian also announced an agreement in place with an exchange, but has not gone into detail either. We can only assume their deal is not official either.

Agreements in Principle

Lox Technology has three different deals near completion, but we’re bound by three different non-disclosure agreements to keep the information vague. We have selected a design team for the MetaLOX metaverse. We have selected a third exchange. And, as previously mentioned, we are nearing a collaboration with an eco-friendly mobile phone processing company specializing in recycling, refurbishing and recovering parts from broken, retired and overstock devices.

We’re Hiring!

We updated our Careers tab on our primary website. If you’re interested and feel you may qualify for the positions (or know someone who may be up to the challenge), please feel free to apply!

Wrap Up

We’re looking forward to finalizing these deals, hopefully, over the next few days so that we can discuss them in the next update. If anything is finalized before then, we’ll be sure to announce on Twitter and push the brief to Discord and Telegram. Hang in there with us and, as always, thank you for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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