07 March, 2022
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Start of week update

07 March, 2022

Kicking off another week with a fun announcement!

Another interview locked in

We teased it last week. We’ll be going on air with JennaXRP! Follow her on Twitter to get updates on the schedule to see when she broadcasts our interview (and all of the other XRPL projects she talks to!) If you don’t follow her, jump over to Twitter and check out her content on YouTube.


We hosted an AMA over the weekend and thank you to everyone who participated! That was a lot of fun for us. It was amazing to get back in the community and away from our webcams and Zoom meetings. If you missed it, not to worry. Stu drafted up a summary of the AMA and made it available in our Discord in a newly created (and appropriately named) AMA channel. The next AMA is scheduled for April 2. Details are available in our Discord.

Wrap Up

With the AMA complete, there’s not much to add. The phone winners from our last giveaway have started to receive their prizes and we’ll have more coming up shortly, so tuned! Speaking of prizes, check out JennaXRP‘s LOX lottery that ends very soon and don’t forget to check out JTXRP‘s YouTube channel to get details on our upcoming interview there. Oh, and did you see this on Instagram?

Thanks for the support #LoxFamily! We’ll catch you at the end of the week. – Team Lox

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