14 March, 2022
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Start of week update

14 March, 2022

Ready to kick off another week, #LoxFamily? We are!


The big news over the weekend was that the $MLD snapshot was taken and everything went smoothly as expected! Very exciting for those who chose to participate! The Hurrian team will take the next few days reviewing the data in preparation for the scheduled airdrop. Those who self-custody their XRPL-compatible wallets and set an $MLD trustline can expect the airdrop to begin appearing March 26. There will be no specific time (and for traders, no guarantee where in line your drop will occur). Hurrian will also airdrop $MLD to Bitrue for distribution to eligible accounts.

Please direct questions regarding Bitrue’s $MLD distribution and trading schedule to either Bitrue customer support or the Hurrian team.

Lox Network Development Update

SoluLab and Lox Technology were both hard at work behind the scenes while the excitement for $MLD was building! Here’s a quick progress report from SoluLab:

Private Blockchain (current workload)

  • Writing Chaincodes (WIP)
  • Updating Configurations
  • Setting up YAML Files
  • Setting up Orderers
  • Setting up CA Cluster
  • Setting up Orgs
  • Setting up CouchDBs
  • Setting up CouchDBs

Public Blockchain (roughly 10% complete)

  • Lox Github Repo – 100%
  • Setting up Basic Test Chain on AWS for internal use – 10%

SmartLOX App (in progress)

  • Wireframes – 100%
  • User stories for Phase 1 – 100%
  • App designs – 100%
  • SmartLOX website design – 100%
  • Other web designs – 70%
  • Testcases – 50%
  • User stories for Phase 2 – 25%
  • API Development – 15%
  • App Integration – 10%

Notes: SmartNFT nearing discovery workshop completion

Much of this may or may not make a lot of sense. Hopefully, it’s a glance at how much goes into a building a blockchain infrastructure. Of course, if you have any questions regarding any of these bullets, please shoot them over to our team and ambassadors. We’ll try to address as many as possible in our next AMA.

Wrap Up

Another member of the #LoxFamily received their phone a few days ago (this was the phone that solved the holdup)! XRPJude will be among the first users to have their phone minted on the Lox Network when the hybrid blockchain goes live!

“Received this awesome, slique & solid smartphone gift from @LoxNetwork.” – @XRPJude

We’re excited for our upcoming interviews with both JTXRP and Jenna.XRP! Give them both a follow on Twitter for updates on their Lox Network uploads and other discussions that impact and interest the XRPL community. And keep an eye out for some future additions to Bitrue’s yield farming program; our name should be popping up in the April batch.

Thanks for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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