21 March, 2022
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Start of week update

21 March, 2022

One week down and another starting up! This one is pretty straight forward.


Before we begin, we gotta give some shout-outs to a couple of community members! First to XRPJenna for inviting us to your show and making a few people’s days better. Your positive energy drives the XRPL community! We hope to see you again soon! And to our giveaway winners: @thinlyspread_ and @imichaelandrew. Both won 5000 SmartNFT during the show! Be sure to congratulate both when you can and give them a follow if you like! For those who missed the interview with XRPJenna, you can find it here. We’ll be creating a transcript shortly to make it easier for our non-English speaking members to have translated into their preferred language. That will be posted in our Discord when available.


With that complete, we look forward to meeting with JTXRP March 26! Be sure to follow him on Twitter for details of the upcoming interview and giving him ideas of what you want to know. We’ll be talking about who we are and providing updates on our progress.

A screengrab of the SmartLOX mobile security app progress report. We will be discussing this specific graphic March 26 with JTXRP.


We’re coming up on the last few days before the Hurrian airdrop! And that means it’s time for a last reminder to our community members who chose to self-custody the Lox Trio in their preferred wallet.

Please set the $MLD trustline no later than March 25, 2022 at 11:59 pm UTC to minimize potential issues. If there are any issues, the Hurrian team will prioritize those who had set their trustlines before this deadline. The $MLD trustline can be found here, manually through xrpl.services or by asking any team lead in Hurrian’s various social media forums.

Those who chose to hold the Lox Trio or $BTR on Bitrue, your airdrop will, of course, be processed and supported by Bitrue.

Last, don’t forget, an additional 500 million $MLD will be split between all $MLD trustlines regardless of Lox Trio holdings. Even if you missed the snapshot, joined the XRPL community recently, whatever the reasoning, you’ll be able to share in the airdrop! Simply set an $MLD trustline before March 25, 2022 at 11:59 pm UTC, and you’ll be eligible for a share. If you don’t know how to set a trustline or want to learn more about trustlines, please refer to the XRPL Foundation’s official documentation.

Wrap Up

Like I said, pretty straight forward! Be sure to follow JTXRP for details on our interview with him and have your wallets ready before March 25, 2022 at 11:59 pm UTC for the $MLD airdrop. Thanks for the support, #LoxFamily! -Team Lox

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