28 March, 2022
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Start of week update

28 March, 2022

Working through the airdrop, so like the last couple of updates, this will be very brief.


The $MLD airdrop is in progress Lox Trio holders! Many, if not all, Lox Trio holders should have already received their share. If there are any concerns on your amount, please contact the Hurrian team.

For those with $MLD on Bitrue, trading is expected to start April 4. Please contact Bitrue Customer Service for any questions or concerns regarding $MLD delivered to Bitrue accounts.

The Hurrian team is now tracking the airdrops for irregularities, but once complete, the team is expected to blackhole the account. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “blackhole,” it’s essentially intentionally losing the keys to your wallet — the original address at that time would no longer be able to sign transactions. That means no additional tokens can be minted, no tokens can be distributed if a distribution was miscalculated, no further edits to the account in any way can be made. You can read more about Blackhole Accounts on the XRPL Foundation’s official documentation provided on XRPL.org.

Wrap Up

We’re re-coordinating with JTXRP regarding the interview and will publish the new time as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between Lucas and JT on the presentation and it was determined, despite being at the last second, to reschedule. As soon as that is available, we’ll push that out on all channels. Thanks for bearing with us as we finish tying up loose ends! – Team Lox

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