04 April, 2022
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Start of week update

04 April, 2022

We kicked off another week with an AMA a couple of days ago and thank you to all those who participated!

Welcome to the team!

First, let’s all welcome Telegram user @FatmaLOX, who is joining the team as our newest ambassador to represent and grow the Turkish speaking community! Fatma has been with a part of the community for quite some time now and working in the background helping other #LoxFamily members. If you haven’t already met Fatma, please feel free to introduce yourself when you get the chance!


Again, thank you to those who participated in the AMA. Your questions and feedback are critical in ensuring the Lox Network continues to evolve into being as fair and equal of a network as possible. We addressed many of the community’s concerns such as where our funding originated, future challenges to tokenomics, potential listings on centralized exchanges, among other topics. A summary can be found on our Discord in the AMA channel. Any time you have a question pop in your head, you’re welcome to add them and react to other questions from fellow community members. This is an important way for us to see what concerns are most important to our #LoxFamily and solve them before they develop and grow into something out of control.


The AMA also hinted at the imminent future of Lox Network, including the genesis block, the introduction of Loxscan and MetaLOX. Speaking of MetaLOX, it’s scheduled soft launch is approaching, though dates are yet to be determined. The first step in the launch is the distribution of 500 MetaLOX tokens. The number may seem quite limited, but we’re very intentionally releasing only 500 tokens. Each token will act as VIP access to our closed public testing phase of the SmartLOX app, the SmartNFT marketplace and authorize testing demo games.

What we’re debating is how to fairly distribute these tokens. Some ideas include: airdropping 1 MetaLOX to each of the Top 500 holders of the Lox Trio rewarding some of the most faithful community members; running a community competition of some kind rewarding some of the most involved members; maybe shifting the 500 MetaLOX to 500 NFTs on Sologenic to ensure access isn’t fractionalized. Each of these ideas has definite advantages and disadvantages. For example, do we include those who have Lox Trio on Bitrue or Probit as a top holder and how do we determine that; how do we best ensure a community competition doesn’t get overrun with bots farming tokens; and Solo NFTs can get quite expensive and potentially time consuming as we get into the hundreds of NFTs.

Wrap Up

While we brainstorm a fair distribution model to introduce MetaLOX into our ecosystem, please feel free to bring up your own ideas. We’ll certainly take into consideration any well-thought out plan. We also ask for the community to understand that every model will have downsides no matter how fair it seems on the surface. And last, $MLD is trading on Bitrue! We’re inching closer every day! Thank you as always for the support #LoxFamily! – Team LOX

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