03 September, 2022
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Lox Network End of Week Update | Sept. 2, 2022

03 September, 2022

Ending the week with a brief update as the AMA with Lucas being scheduled for tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s AMA format will have a minor change as Lucas will address the questions left unanswered from the August AMA and post them as a pre-AMA of sorts. Originally, it was intended that all of these questions were to be answered throughout the month. However, as August rolled through seemingly quite quickly and the focus being set on the the bug discovered during testing, we inadvertently and regretfully left those unanswered questions hanging. That will be corrected in the next AMA.

The questions submitted for this AMA will take a backseat. Unfortunately, we may not have the time tomorrow to give each a respectful amount of time to properly answer them. Though obviously disappointing, we will not forget these questions as they will

rollover. Expect to see these answered similarly to this month’s pre-AMA and posted for all to see.

As always, we’re open to feedback (and better ideas for the pre-AMA naming — community questions? — it’s a work in progress)

That said, in tomorrow’s interactive portion of the AMA, Lucas is scheduled to discuss the plan for MetaLox and how it fits into the bigger picture of the entire Lox Network ecosystem. Be sure to take this opportunity to get your ideas and concepts added to the pot for future considerations!

Wrapping up, the open tickets for the MetaLox airdrop have not been forgotten. If you submitted your trouble call prior to the August 19 deadline, it will be addressed in time. Remember, any ticket we received was self-initiated by you, the user, only if you sent the first DM in either Telegram or Discord before the deadline. You may have seen a reply to your message from Lucas or you can plan on receiving one in time. The reply will come directly to the message you sent. If you do not see your original message regarding your

MetaLox airdrop situation at the top of the conversation, do not trust it. Lucas will only reply to your message. He will not start the conversation. The same goes for any staff member of Lox Technology or anyone associated with Lox Network.

Once again, we can never overstate these warnings:

DO NOT give anyone — including a Lox Network staff member — your seed phrase under any circumstance.

DO NOT transfer funds to anyone who asks you to send funds if you do not want to send funds.

DO NOT answer any DM from customer support or staff member or moderator; you will need to make the first step. We will NOT under any circumstance reach out to you in DM.

Please be safe and exercise extreme caution! And as always, thank you for the support, #LoxFamily!

– Team Lox

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