06 May, 2022
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End of week update

06 May, 2022

With the monthly AMA tomorrow, this update will be short and sweet!

Met Update

We wrapped up our second meeting with the London Metropolitan Police! There are certainly challenges, but we feel things are going better than we hoped! The main obstacle is finding a way to explain that the regulatory uncertainty around cryptocurrency is not a hinderance to blockchain technology adoption.

As you know, blockchain technology is no different than the police force’s own record books that they have been using with pen and paper for decades, if not centuries. For a police force, Lox Network would essentially be a publicly available, read-only document that they can dig further into with access to their own private chain, and more importantly from their point of view, without needing to make a single transaction, thus not needing a cryptocurrency. It’s simply a way for a person who does choose to use cryptocurrency to be able to prove to the police that the phone they are reporting stolen is in fact their phone and for the police to verify the report. It’s still a very early technology that many people do not quite understand yet.

We scheduled a third meeting to, hopefully, get everyone on the same page. We’ll keep offering education to blockchain technology as long as we’re invited! It’s very exciting to see the people’s faces when it finally clicks!


Tomorrow’s AMA is scheduled for May 7 at 10 pm UTC time zone. Aside from the questions that we’ll be addressing, we’ll also lead off with the current status of the Lox Network. The hard task of getting the consensus model that we discussed last week is working! The private and public chains are working together and presenting themselves on LoxScan as if it is a single chain. We’re also working on the app’s front end and will be looking to tie in the back end this coming week. Everything is still quite buggy, but we should see a cleaner environment over the next few weeks. Once front and back ends are talking to each other, we will share the web domains.

In the meantime, here’s some more screenshots from the app! (And please note the user and address are both only test environments — “Mason” is the account’s name and Mason’s address is the test address. We just want to make it clear that no real person is getting doxxed in these screenshots)

These may be hard to read, but this is a list of the features. Please let us know if you’d like a higher quality file uploaded in our Discord server.

Wrap Up

Well, this update looks long! Be sure to join us Saturday, May 7 at 10 pm UTC time zone for the AMA. We’ll discuss these screenshots, SoluLab’s latest progress report and, of course, answer questions. But before we sign off for the day, we want to thank each and every one of you for the support you’ve all shown us especially in this very tough market.

As you can see, it’s been a roller coaster. But no matter how crazy it’s been, no matter what volatility we’re experiencing, you’ve always been there for us. We can’t thank you enough! As always, when the markets feel overwhelming, it’s good to step away and refocus on yourself. Visit family, start those boxing lessons, get that video game you’ve been eyeing, whatever you need to do to relieve stress. We’re here if you need help coming up with ideas! Thanks again! – Team Lox

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