12 February, 2022
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End of week update

12 February, 2022

Lox Network

As many noticed, the Hurrian team announced their airdrop earlier this week and we got an answer back from Bitrue regarding MLD.


In case you missed it, Hurrian announced their airdrop and expected IDO on Twitter a few days ago. Hurrian also received an answer from Bitrue, and, unfortunately after much debate, Hurrian decided not to support Bitrue’s terms. This is primarily due to MLD not having been voted on by BTR holders. Lox Technology stands behind the decisions made by both Bitrue and Hurrian. Bitrue has been one of our strongest supporters and their assurance to BTR holders should boost confidence in their token. And we’re looking forward to our strengthening friendship with Hurrian.

This means Lox Trio holders still wanting to participate in the airdrop are encouraged to self-custody LOX, SmartNFT and SmartLOX. This also means that the snapshot, airdrop and IDO dates may need to shift to allow maximum participation from holders who have tokens locked up on Bitrue. The final decision is ultimately up to Hurrian. Holders who may be affected by this news are encouraged to reach out to Hurrian for more information.

We’re Growing!

As our project has developed past what we initially planned, we will soon be adding at least three more core team project managers with development experience to oversee internal progress allowing us to scale for both short- and long-term growth. These three people are in addition to the MetaLOX development team still being built. In the blockchain development world, things change quickly and we adapt even faster! Expect to see more on this on Twitter as we begin recruiting.

Wrap Up

Given the news, if you’re choosing to participate in Hurrian airdrop, please ensure you have the MLD trustline set as early as possible so you don’t miss the airdrop. While Hurrian’s decision may disappoint some of our Lox Trio holders, it’s important to provide as much information as possible as early as possible. This allows each holder to make the best decision for their personal strategy. And while we have fallen behind on the MetaLOX trustline, we are expecting to announce it on Twitter in the next few days. Some of you may have already found it, but we want to ensure everything is set correctly before we blackhole the account. We apologize for the delays! Your constant support behind us — even in the face of the most challenging obstacles — is amazing and genuinely appreciated! – TEAM LOX

EDIT: This question was immediately received on Telegram after the update’s publication. Just to ensure there is no confusion, we decided to post the question and Lucas’ reply for maximum clarity.

なんなん, [11/02/2022 23:05]

Ok so what should people do if they have LoX trios locked up on bitrue in order to get MLD?

Lucas, [11/02/2022 23:09]

We will work with Hurrian to move the date so all LOX trio holders can get to participate

While we work on our end to best serve LOX Trio holders, we also encourage all LOX Trio holders who may be affected by Hurrian’s and Bitrue’s decisions, to reach out to Hurrian.

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