29 January, 2022
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End of week update

29 January, 2022

Lox Network

A slow week for us at Lox wraps up today. We do have some swag to send out to contest winners and a minor update from our friends at SoluLab.


Progress on the hybrid blockchain is grinding along. Wireframing and updates is reported at 50% complete and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain feasibility check is complete. Their work into the potential of implementing Near Protocol assets is nearly half complete with a report once ready. We’re expecting the technical documents will go over this as well as explain fundamentals such as the basic Lox Network Architecture, Lox Hyperledger Architecture, Device NFT and business use, among other topics. Unfortunately, we fell a behind schedule on this as these documents are still under review and unable to upload.

Meme Competition

Last week, we held a meme competition on Discord and a lot of folks had a lot of fun teasing Stu!

The three winners will split a pot of SmartNFT and SmartLOX worth $300. First prize will receive $75 worth of both tokens. Second will receive $50 worth of both tokens and third will receive $25 worth of both. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!

Tying up loose ends

Due to unforeseen logistics issues, we discussed earlier that we were not able to acquire a Huawei P40 Pro and instead changed it to a Google Pixel. We’ve finally been able to get that to wrap up the holiday giveaway from last month. Please congratulate XRPJude as the final winner of the phone giveaway! This phone will be the first, along with the other three phones given away, to have an NFT minted on the hybrid blockchain, Lox Network. juuzuo13suzuya and Wadztzywere the runners up and will receive Lox hoodies.

Wrap Up

We know it’s felt like a very slow month with minimal progress. It’s frustrating for many of us as well as we’re learning what obstacles are ahead and challenges we’ll need to overcome. Because of the slow down combined with the down market and other stressors in all of our lives, we’ve received several questions about team wallets. The core team is committed and we hold each other accountable. But that’s only our word, a promise from strangers on the internet. Fortunately, X33 Labs is developing an XRPL forensics tool to track wallet activity. Once complete and determined safe for use, anyone can employ a trust but verify approach. The vast majority of XRPL projects are led by good-hearted people with honest intentions, but there are a few who may not be so honest. Forensic tools like allow you to believe in a project and verify team members, large wallets, etc are not acting in bad faith. You will receive a caution from Twitter warning you of suspicious activity on X33 Labs’ Twitter, so please use caution or wait for several well-known, trusted developers to review the product to ensure it’s safety. We don’t endorse any tool not made by Lox Technology, but we support full transparency using decentralized tools.

Thank you for the support #LoxFamily! – Team LOX

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