19 August, 2022
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End of week Update

19 August, 2022

Wrapping up the week with some new deals nearly complete! It’s so hard not to spill the beans! Today is the last day of the national holiday period for our partners at SoluLab. It’ll be business as usual for our friends next week. That also means that there are no updates on the dev notes until they return to the office.

We’re also excited to say that we have both looked for and selected a technology partner with game design experience to help us explore MetaLox! Nothing is final yet, but we narrowed our search down to a single team. We needed a partner that has wide-ranging experience in multiple digital markets and actively engaged in crypto projects. We selected a team with experience designing an exchange’s interface, AR and VR management systems, and various customer engagement platforms to name a few projects. That wide breadth was crucial for bringing in multiple new ideas based on previous solutions proven to work.

The very first draft of MetaLox London. It’s just a JPEG now, but our future partners will help us bring this bland, ordinary page out of our notebook and build it into a digital universe!

Today is also the last day to get your DMs to Lucas regarding the first $MetaLOX airdrop if you feel there was an issue of some sort.

This week has been a busy week in the office so we have only resolved approximately 15 more issues bringing us up to about 55 legitimate tickets with approximately 25 more to go for consideration. If you are still concerned with your airdrop or allotment, you have until Friday, August 19 to submit your ticket to Lucas in either Telegram or Discord. In Telegram, ensure you contact the user name @LOXNetworkCEO. In Discord, ensure the user is @Decentral#6579. Any DMs received before the deadline will be reviewed and a final decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. Any DMs regarding the $MetaLox airdrop that are received after the deadline will be denied.

To help speed things along on our end, please include a screenshot of your wallet’s address from https://coolscreeners.net/LoxNetwork/snapshot/. Additionally, please either type out or cut-and-paste the address in regular text so it’s usable on our end. While we will still go through the process of manually typing in the address off the screenshot, please know that your ticket will automatically go to the end of the line to expedite resolving other #LoxFamily concerns (not to mention that it’s in your self-interest to ensure the address is correct and a final decision isn’t made based on a typo)

Once again:

DO NOT give anyone — including a Lox Network staff member — your seed phrase under any circumstance.

DO NOT transfer funds to anyone who asks you to send funds.

DO NOT answer any DM from customer support or staff member or moderator; you will need to make the first step. We will NOT under any circumstance reach out to you in DM.

The most common issue with the $MetaLox airdrop came from the user simply not setting the trustline. While it seems minor, this omission opens yourself up as a target to unauthorized support staff that have nothing to do with our team. Part of the reason we stress setting trustlines prior to an airdrop is specifically to minimize your risk to unethical people who want your tokens for whatever their rationale. Please practice extreme caution and assume everyone is untrustworthy.

Last, our third exchange has confirmed the following dates with us:

  • Deposit: Aug. 23, 9:00 AM UTC
  • Trading: Aug. 25, 9:00 AM UTC
  • Withdrawal: Aug. 26, 9:00 AM UTC

Keep up with our Twitter page for the official announcement from the exchange (which we still need to keep unnamed for now) and for more information on the upcoming $MetaLOX vote over on Bitrue in the near future. If you’re unfamiliar with Bitrue and how they handle token listings, please refer to their own recent blog post briefly explaining their utility token, $BTR.

We’ve got our work cut out for us over the next week! SoluLab will resume work on the SmartLOX Mobile Security Application and the Lox Network Hybrid Blockchain and continuing polishing the working demonstration video to get that out the door as soon as it’s ready!

Thanks for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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