21 January, 2022
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End of week update

21 January, 2022


Another quiet week from the outside looking in. And another busy week behind the scenes. We have narrowed down our creative team to five candidates and will update when we get down to the final three. And we’re still on track for prototyping, internal testing and, maybe, including a very small testing group.

With the discussions surrounding the upcoming airdrops, some members of our community have been asking about the progress of our projects currently under development. To be blunt, there isn’t much to talk about right now. Although a lot of progress has been made and a lot of man-hours from everyone from Lox Technology to our community managers to SoluLab and everyone in between, there is still a lot of work to be done before we are even at beta.

One major breakthrough we are focusing on (and may have figured out) is looking to bridge XRPL data to our hybrid blockchain. If it works as we think it will, it may be able to help make it easier for XRPL projects to access Lox data to make roundtripping smooth. If it doesn’t work as expected, we’ll need to tweak it until it does. This is more than a key goal to what Lox Network can do with XRPL, it’s arguably the most important development at this point to bring future XRPL NFTs to the real world. More on that later.

If you may recall, much of the development was put on pause over the holidays with skeletal teams working on the project. And with our team being located globally with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, this meant factoring in more time to give everyone time with their loved ones as close to their preferred times as possible. This also meant that we didn’t have full teams back until earlier this month. And it took time to get everyone back up to speed and on the same page.

The heavy lifting resumed on Lox Network’s development around the beginning of last week. The update to the Lox Network website is also in progress and, when ready, will include the technical documents and other Git links for our tech minded community members to review and discuss.

Concurrently, SmartLOX’s mobile app is also being worked on. We’re doing this because the SmartLOX app needs a well-developed Lox Network and Lox Network needs a well-developed SmartLOX app for both to be operating at an acceptable efficiency for a beta type of release. Additionally, the SmartLOX website is also being worked on at this time, but will not release until the Lox Network website is up-to-date.

SmartNFT will be next. SmartNFT was always going to follow the SmartLOX application’s completion. And, like SmartLOX, the SmartNFT website is under development.


We’re working on the development team for MetaLOX. Unlike many teams developing virtual reality scenerios for the metaverse, MetaLOX is focusing on augmented reality. A poor comparison, but one most people can relate to, would be Pokemon GO where the developers brought digital elements into the real world. Some types of ideas that are floating around, for example, may be simpler things like displaying an XRPL NFT that you want to hang on the wall, but aren’t sure of how large you want the frame. So you add various frame options in different sizes and styles and walk around your house to see if you like how it coordinates (before banging nails in the wall!). Or going to the mall to try on a sneakers but you want to see how different colors of the same sneaker match with your clothes. Or maybe an XRPL game developer wants to make an AR game like Pokemon GO.

This is a long term project — and we mean LONG TERM. AR technology works (and is around us already; many navigation apps, for example, have successfully adopted the technology). It may be a few years before the technology is ready to make all of our exploratory ideas a reality, but we will work with what’s possible today so we can continue building as the technology matures.

Wrap Up

Like we said, not much of what we can talk about will look like it from the outside. The trustline for MetaLOX is still scheduled to release Jan. 31. We haven’t received a final answer from either Bitrue or Probit on their capability to support the MetaLOX airdrop. We won’t take a snapshot until we get that answer and, if needed, won’t take a snapshot until everyone has had reasonable time to move tokens (including any tokens that may be currently locked up on another platform — we’ll factor that time frame in if needed). And we highly encourage any questions about the $MLD airdrop, it’s use case, and any other question about their token to be directed to the Hurrian team or sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date with their developments.

Thank you for all of the support #LoxFamily! – Team LOX

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