12 August, 2022
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End of week update

12 August, 2022

Ending another week and finally feeling like we’re getting caught up! There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re chipping away at it everyday.

LOX Network Development

Before we get into the notes, you probably noticed that we have no yet released the working demonstration. We absolutely should have said something earlier on it, but we had ultimately decided that it needed to be reedited. The command line interface was too small for anyone to easily read, there were too many long breaks just looking at code that isn’t running and a few other concerns we had. We’re reediting it by speeding up “boring” portions and changing to a more text based video to allow an international audience to follow the content more easily. We apologize for the inconvenience and the wait.

LOX Core (Sushain, Neel, Abhijit, Siddharth)

  • lox-cli (General purpose command-line tools for interacting with LOX Network)[commands, tests, bin] {dependencies like lox-seed-phrase- Utilities to work with LOX key pairs based on seed phrases}
  • lox-api-js (JavaScript library to interact with LOX Network via RPC API) work in progress
  • lox-contract-helper: API to create and store accounts on lox wallet using PostgreSQL and DynamoDB work in progress

LOX EVM (Tanya, Neel)

  • LOX-EVM-ENGINE(Rust-based smart contract to deploy Solidity contracts on LOX-EVM-LAYER) work in progress
  • LOX Whitepaper Structure work in progress

SmartLOX Mobile Security Application Development

App Development (Pranav, Virendra, Sandeep, Mohd. Naushad, Pankil, Abhay)

  • Wallet module Integrated complete
  • Firebase integration complete
  • XRP Transactions Module Integration work in progress
  • AES algorithm for Mnemonic name encryption and decryption work in progress
  • Forums Module Integration work in progress

Backend Development (Mukesh, Arpit, Abhinav, Gautham)

  • Devices Return and Report Module work in progress
  • Messaging Module complete
  • User Wallet Import Change complete
  • Performance and Security Review complete

Others (Yash, Rohit)

  • Staging Environment Setup work in progress
  • SmartLOX Admin UX Wireframes complete

$MetaLOX Airdrop

Many people may have noticed that Lucas is still supporting some of our #LoxFamily from the first $MetaLOX airdrop for various reasons and on a case-by-case basis. In all, Lucas has provided support to about 20 people. If you feel you were not awarded the appropriate amount, your trustline was skipped for some reason or have some other concern, please feel free to DM Lucas in either Telegram or Discord. In Telegram, ensure you contact the user name @LOXNetworkCEO. In Discord, ensure the user is @Decentral#6579.

DO NOT give anyone — including a Lox Network staff member — your seed phrase under any circumstance.

DO NOT transfer funds to anyone who asks you to send funds.

DO NOT answer any DM from customer support or staff member or moderator; you will need to make the first step.

Part of the reason we stress setting trustlines prior to an airdrop is specifically to minimize your risk to unethical people who want your tokens for whatever their rationale. Please practice extreme caution and assume everyone is untrustworthy.

Seriousness aside, Lucas will offer support on a case-by-case basis when he has time to provide support. Please understand if you are experiencing a considerable wait time to receive a reply.

Wrap Up

The third exchange had a technical issue with XRPL integration last week. Until they resolve the issue (and it may have already been resolved), their staff insists on holding off on announcement. Their priority is to ensure a polished user experience, as it should be. If the exchange’s technical staff there requests who to contact for additional resources, we always recommend reaching out to XRPLF members for any and all XRPL support. XRPLF are the clear experts and industry recognized. That said, we have the utmost confidence that our exchange partners will find the solution that best suits both their requirements and future XRPL and Lox Network customers’ needs. We will continue to wait patiently and can only ask for your understanding on the matter.

Last, MetaLOX London has also officially started the pre-development stage and discovery period. Like we said in the last update, more on that to come in the future.

Until then, thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily!

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