05 August, 2022
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End of week update

05 August, 2022

With the first $MetaLOX airdrop now complete and the AMA scheduled for tomorrow, there isn’t much to say in this update.

If you missed the first airdrop, there is still a second airdrop that will be scheduled at a later time. Like yesterday’s airdrop, the second $MetaLOX airdrop is exclusive to those who already participated in the five-series snapshot in May. Snapshot participants will either need to keep their trustline open until the second airdrop is complete or will need to ensure a new trustline is set for the correct wallet address before the second airdrop starts. The second airdrop is not currently scheduled for any date.

If you use XUMM wallet, feel free to use this direct link. As always, we encourage safe navigation, especially in the cryptocurrency world. Before accepting the information, please ensure the information matches the information below:

  • Issuer Address: rDkjv8oQrgzHjjwZNnFAjWWrhRJgg6g56T
  • Token currency code: MetaLOX
  • Limit: 100000000000

If you use manual options, such as XRP Toolkit, please reference the information in the bulleted list above. For more information regarding trustlines or the XRPL in general, we highly recommend exclusively referring to the official documentation provided by the XRPLF.

Last, don’t forget to get your questions in to the AMA channel on our Discord (that invite link expires August 12, 2022) and on Telegram. The AMA is scheduled for August 6 and includes a working demonstration video of Lox Network produced by SoluLab.

While we wait on the third exchange to make their announcement, feel free to check out Lucas’ latest blog post on Lox moving closer to launching

Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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