15 July, 2022
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End of week update

15 July, 2022

The business side of the house is slowly catching up on missed work, but with Cemil and Jamal controlling the tech side, our development is really heating up.


In the last update, we mentioned the most important item to get caught up on was the MetaLOX trustline. The first part is done and the tokens have been minted!

  • Issuer Address: rDkjv8oQrgzHjjwZNnFAjWWrhRJgg6g56T
  • Token currency code: MetaLOX
  • Limit: 100000000

The following paragraph will include the direct link to XRPL Services (please note, I intentionally did not link the trustline to that hyperlink; it’s just a link to XRPL Services homepage for your verification). For those unfamiliar, XRPL Services is basically just an interface to the XRPL that simplifies processes, like setting trustlines, and provides seemless integration with XUMM wallet.

If you choose to use XUMM and XRPL Services, please feel free to use the MetaLOX trustline link provided here: $MetaLOX.

If you use manual options, such as XRP Toolkit, please reference the information in the bulleted list above.

And, of course, if you choose not to participate, then there is no need to set a trustline.

Development Notes

The Jira migration is complete and “in full swing.” In fact, you’ll see SLX codes in the notes below, Those codes reference Jira tickets.

Jira is an industry-standard platform that allows our development team to better manage workflow, collaborate with teams in various locations around the globe (like our partners at SoluLab), and track progress in a clean, very detail-oriented format. Though it may not be very well-known outside of the development world, industry leaders like Square, eBay and Cisco are using it to manage their own projects. This is why having Cemil on the team is so critical to our growth!

SmartLox Mobile Security App


  • API integration Send lox (Pranav)
  • API Integration play and download the audio file (Abhay)
  • API Integration sends and view gif files in forum chat (Abhay)
  • Bug Fixes (SLX-496, SLX-494, SLX-492) (Abhay)
  • API integration update user profile (Mohd. Naushad)
  • UI changes in Edit Profile (Mohd. Naushad)
  • API integration in Edit Profile (Mohd. Naushad)
  • Bug Fixes (SLX-484) (Mohd. Naushad)
  • Build created (Mohd. Naushad)


  • API integration update user profile (Virendra)
  • UI changes in Edit Profile (Virendra)
  • Bug fixes (SLX – 440, SLX – 448, SLX – 449, SLX – 450, SLX – 467, SLX – 485) (Virendra)
  • Bug fixes (SLX – 448, SLX – 449, SLX – 450, SLX – 469, SLX – 471, SLX – 472, SLX – 474) (Pankil)
  • API Integration forum users can pin a maximum of three forums (Sandeep)
  • API Integration latest pinned forum on top of the list (Sandeep)
  • API Integration Leave forum (Sandeep)
  • API Integration Join forum (Sandeep)


  • Redis setup (Gowtham)
  • Abort multipart Upload (Mukesh)
  • Add Authorizer support to media services (Mukesh)
  • Add dynamic folder support by user id to media services (Mukesh)
  • Test all CMS APIs from the new repo (Abhinav)

Web Admin Panel

  • UI Integration All devices (Pratik)
  • UI Integration All devices show filter (Pratik)
  • UI Integration All devices filter applied (Pratik)
  • UI Integration Blacklist Device (Pratik)
  • UI Integration Device Blacklisted success (Pratik)
  • UI Integration All device whitelist success (Pratik)
  • UI Integration Whitelist device (Pratik)

LOX Network Development


  • White labeling LOX-SDK-RS dependencies (Abhijeet)
  • Finding out the source of gas calculation (Abhijeet)
  • Creating Express API for querying DynamoDB & returning account id against public key & deploying on ec2 (Siddharth)
  • Resolve express API core issue (Siddharth)
  • Testing wallet, helper & ec2 nodes (Siddharth)
  • White label LOX-API-JS (Tanya)
  • LOX admin org troubleshooting (Sushain)
  • Fabric tools and fabric-ca-client setup (Sushain)
  • LOX explorer setup and troubleshooting (Sushain)

Other Tasks

  • Reviewing LOX wallet and LOX explorer UI and functionality (Neel)

Wrap Up

Lucas is playing catch up rescheduling missed meetings and resolving internal matters. While getting buried under the growing inbox of messages, other items such as the MetaLox whitepaper, token distribution dates, updates to the website, et cetera have not been forgotten. We understand that information is critical to making an educated decision as to whether or not you choose to purchase tokens. We will share that information with our #LoxFamily. Thanks as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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