08 July, 2022
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End of week update

08 July, 2022

Ending the week, unfortunately, with some poor health. If you have some time, Lucas could use some get well wishes from the community as he works to get fully healthy in time for next week.

That said, Cemil does have some notes from the development side of the house and a status of the week’s tasks.

LOX Network Development

LOX Core (Sushain, Neel, Abhijit, Siddharth)

  • lox-cli. (General purpose command-line tools for interacting with LOX Network) [commands, tests, bin] {dependencies like lox-seed-phrase- Utilities to work with LOX key pairs based on seed phrases }
  • lox-api-js. (JavaScript library to interact with LOX Network via RPC API) – In progress
  • lox-contract-helper: API to create and store accounts on lox wallet using PostgreSQL and DynamoDB. – In progress

LOX EVM (Tanya, Neel)

  • LOX-EVM-ENGINE(Rust-based smart contract to deploy Solidity contracts on LOX-EVM-LAYER) – In progress
  • LOX Whitepaper 3.0 Structure – In progress

SmartLOX Application Development

App Development (Pranav, Virendra, Sandeep, Mohd. Naushad, Pankil, Abhay)

  • Wallet module Integrated – COMPLETE
  • Firebase integration – COMPLETE
  • XRP Transactions Module Integration – In progress
  • AES algorithm for Mnemonic name encryption and decryption – In progress
  • Forums Module Integration – In progress

Backend Development (Mukesh, Arpit, Abhinav, Gautham)

  • Devices Return and Report Module – In progress
  • Messaging Module – COMPLETE
  • User Wallet Import Change – COMPLETE
  • Performance and Security Review – COMPLETE

Others (Yash, Rohit)

  • Staging Environment Setup – In progress
  • SmartLOX Admin UX Wireframes – COMPLETE

Wrap Up

The MetaLox trustline updates are expected over the weekend and we’re still waiting on information regarding the third exchange listing. While the development team continues to work on tech side, let’s wish Lucas good health! Thanks for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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