17 June, 2022
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End of week update

17 June, 2022

As we continue our marching toward the ultimate end goal of regulatory clarity, we’ve added one more small achievement! The Lox trademark has passed the first stage of the approval process and there seems to be no issues in us getting our worldwide trademark granted.

We’re also working on getting patents approved, but this process will obviously take a lot longer to sort out. A lot of work goes into searching and analyzing existing applications to determine which ones have already been granted to ensure we’re not infringing on anyone else’s previous achievements.

Staying in the regulatory body lane, we have also reached out to the Financial Conduct Authority (or FCA as it is more commonly referred) requesting guidance on how best to launch the first stable coin to run on our hybrid blockchain, Lox Network. This is merely a first step to investigate what possibilities may be available.

Development Updates

Cemil, our CTO, has hit the ground running. In less than a week, he has already implemented the time management and project management systems to better sync our development work here and is reviewing the document and code that our technology partners SoluLab have created. This upcoming week, he will start to work on publishing the Github and Gitbook documents, which we know is one of the most asked about topics over the last few months. Last, Cemil has also headhunted a devops engineer that he knows well and has worked with in the past. We’re hoping this candidate is the perfect start to begin building out our UK development team!

Out of the office and into the actual development, we have started testing the network in Devnet mode with five validators running with work on LoxScanner almost complete.

We’ll start to push more specific updates on what is being worked on from a week-to-week basis — even with who is responsible for what task. This both helps the community get to know who’s on the team and who to give credit to when you want to compliment their work!

SmartLox Mobile Security App

Backend – Arpit

  • Working on APIs for the state list
  • Setting up notification function for notifying owner on founder API

Backend – Abhinav

  • Working on device lost report save API steps 2 and 3
  • Working on save finder detail API

Android – Pranav

  • Report device filled with details (Screen Design)
  • Device (Screen Design)

Android – Mohd Naushad

  • Enter Detail (Screen Design)
  • Enter Details Pop-ups (Screen Design)
  • Owner details (Screen Design)

iOS – Pankil

  • Changing the top NavigationBar height and for all Screens
  • Changing the status bar color on all screens
  • Adding scroll view on all screens for horizontal device use

iOS – Virendra

  • Add Device UI Update
  • Compatible navigation
  • Navigation prototype for new designs

iOS – Sandeep

  • Wallet import (API Integration)
  • Signup step 1 (API Integration)
  • Verify email OTP (API Integration)

Lox Network Development

Blockchain – Sushain

  • LOX core dependencies
  • LOX node cluster testing
  • Config and genesis JSON file analysis for troubleshooting

Blockchain – Siddharth

  • Configuring Genesis, Config & observing the effect on localnet
  • Research on LOX account & other essential accounts for running network

Blockchain – Tanya

  • Configuring Genesis, Config & observing the effect on localnet
  • Research on LOX account & other essential accounts for running network

Backend – Arpit

  • Global search API for Lox explorer

Blockchain – Abhijeet

  • testl LOXcore code

Blockchain Team Lead – Neel

  • Test LOXcore chaincode

Wrap Up

Earlier this week, we posted both parts 1 and 2 of the June 5 AMA transcript in our Discord channel. Part 3 is expected this weekend. Again, apologies for the delay on this. As we’ve discovered the AI in our transcription software needs more samples to learn a more diverse set of accents, this has become a manual, stenography style of transcript. James is uploading more voice samples on our end to help speed the process up over time. A more realistic turnaround time, for the time being at least, is two to three days for each 30 minutes of live voice transcribing. We hope to speed this process up very shortly!

Also, don’t forget about Round 2 of our MEXC trading competition with five Lox Founders NFT keys up for grabs! Just use our referral link to sign up (and please note, that Lox Technology may receive payment from MEXC for users registering using our referral link).

This round closes Friday and winners will be announced shortly after. In the meantime, the NFT keys are being minted and SoluLab will begin integrating them to unlock the sandbox.

Expect an update from Bitrue regarding yield farming in the next couple of days with an expected start date of June 21.

And, last, but certainly not least, we have a meeting scheduled with representative officers from the London Metropolitan Police cyber and physical crime units next week!

Lots of work going on behind the scenes! Thank you for all the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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