11 June, 2022
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End of week update

11 June, 2022

Another week comes to a close for us here. Much of this week was spent to make up on lost time in regards to our web development, but we also made progress in other areas!


We’ll soon be offering one more round of yield farming the Lox Trio via Bitrue! This is our way to apologize for the delayed CEX listing announcement and a great way for our #LoxFamily to make their assets go to work for them while earning a passive income stream — especially important during our extremely volatile crypto market right now.

Bitrue users will be able to farm any of $LOX, $SmartLOX, $SmartNFT or $BTR to earn $SmartLOX or $SmartNFT with APR percentages of 40% for $BTR farmers, 60% for $LOX farmers and 80% farming the Smart tokens. Additionally, LOX and BTR farmers will get to choose which Smart token they want to earn.

Also, Bitrue is scheduling a special AMA for us on their platform. Be sure to tune in and have a chance to win some prizes!

Details on both the Bitrue Yield Farming program and the Bitrue AMA will be provided shortly.

MEXC Trading Competition

Our Top 10 traders list is ready! We combed through the data MEXC provided, ensured there are no employees, contractors, or team members in the list and working out how to deliver each winner’s Lox Founders Key NFT to the rightful owners!

For safety and security reasons, we have blanked out most of the details in the UID and Email address fields. If you’re a winner on the list and want to claim your Lox Founders Key NFT, please get a screenshot of your full UID provided on your MEXC account and email us using your email address that is on our published winner’s list. Please send your email to admin@loxcoin.io with subject: Founder NFT Winner.

On the screenshot, you may of course black out any account balances and wallet addresses and other private details that may be visible if you want. We only need your MEXC UID attached to an email from your registered email address to verify you are the rightful owner. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask for help!

In no particular order, here’s the list:

  • dnn@gmail.com (UID: 195)
  • eo**8@naver.com (UID: 41**2)
  • rk**7@naver.com (UID: 935)
  • Chc@gmail.com (UID: 00**8)
  • su**n@naver.com (UID: 810)
  • ip0@naver.com (UID: 42**7)
  • se**7@gmail.com (UID: 04**2)
  • ON**N@outlook.com (UID: 439)
  • ju**0@gmail.com (UID: 183)
  • si**e@naver.com (UID: 99*4)

The winners list will also be published on Discord. Congratulations! Please reach out so we can get you your Lox Founders Key NFT!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for information on another MEXC trading competition with five more Lox Founders Key NFTs up for grabs!

SmartLOX Mobile Security App

The SmartLOX Mobile Security App with all of the relevant APIs has been built and is being tested for bugs. A very rough version of the application is being installed and tested by our partners at SoluLab using actual Apple and Android phones! It’s still far from a finished product, but it is still very exciting to see it on a phone! The screens currently being tested include:

  • Splash Screen
  • Onboarding
  • Signup not logged in yet on device
  • Set a New Passcode
  • Login to Account
  • Re-enter Passcode
  • Import Wallet
  • Create XRP wallet
  • Import XRP wallet
  • Seed phrase
  • Verify seed phrase
  • Passcode entered multiple times
  • Submit User Details
  • Email Verification
  • Email Verified Success
  • Email Verified Failure
  • Mobile Verification
  • Mobile Verified success
  • Enter Details 2
  • Adding Identification Screens
  • KYC (in progress)
  • Home (not logged in)
  • Home (logged in)
  • Account Created
  • Notifications
  • Wallet tokens
  • Wallet txn history
  • Transaction History
  • Receive LOX
  • Select/Enter address
  • Send LOX
  • Send Summary
  • Transaction Successful
  • Swap
  • Profile
  • Edit Profile
  • Choose option to upload
  • Remove options
  • Chats
  • Message Request
  • Chat options
  • P2P Chat
  • Search in chat
  • Other profile chat gallery
  • Forum Chat
  • Invite to Forum
  • Forum Chat options
  • Forum Media
  • Media image detail
  • Forum files
  • List of Common Forums
  • Rejected List
  • Create Forum icon
  • Created Forum info
  • View subscribers
  • Subscribers options
  • List of Removed Users
  • View and Add Admins
  • Admin Options
  • Add Admins List
  • Edit Created Forum Info
  • Profile Picture from Gallery
  • Gallery Menu Expanded
  • Crop Profile Picture

Wrap Up

While we continue to catch up on the websites, we’re also working on features to get published in a couple of magazines, finalizing the $MetaLOX tokenomics and trustline settings to (hopefully) be available by the end of the month and completing the transcript from the last AMA and pushing it out on Discord.

Thank you as always for the support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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