14 January, 2022
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End of week update

14 January, 2022

Lox Network

This week has been about building and getting details in order. As you may have seen on Twitter, MetaLOX has gone into project discovery and our friends at Hurrian are encouraging the community to join their newsletter.


We’re working on building MetaLOX’s development team including AR, VR, XR and blockchain integration experts and specialists. While this is going on in the background, MetaLOX is also in it’s discovery phase. For those not familiar, discovery is formalizing the plans into an actual executable playbook. It allows the team members to know exactly what their role will be and how it fits into the bigger picture. It also allows the business side of the house to understand who their target audience will be: finding product market fits, prototyping, putting yourself in the user’s role to understand what their experience would be, identifying potential challenges before they surprise and brainstorming solutions to overcome them, etc. It’s no different than a coach discussing how he wants the team to play. It’s all talk until the playbook is written, each player understands the how their route factors into the complete gameplan and everyone understands how each play counters and compliments another team’s strategy. In sports, that’s pre-season. For us, that’s what project discovery is; making a clear direction forward to execute the ideas and vision. 


There seems to be some concern in the community that they’ll be left out of the snapshot because they have tokens locked on another platform. First, we’re not at that stage yet. There’s nothing to worry about. We’re waiting on both Bitrue and Probit to decide if they can support the MetaLOX airdrop and, if so, how much support they are capable of providing (including locked tokens on staking platforms). Once we have that information, that will allow us to decide when to set a snapshot schedule based on unlock periods and such, if needed. We are in discussions with both exchanges right now. Neither has made a final decision on the level of support either can offer. To be fair, neither has had time to make a final decision on their end. When we’re comfortable that we know exactly what each exchange will do, we’ll ensure we give the community a reasonable amount of time to make the best decision for each of your personal plans. That said, we won’t be releasing trustline information at this time (if you read anywhere else that there is, it’s not from us, so please use extreme caution). What we can say is the snapshot has no formal schedule at this time, but will be based on LOX holdings, SmartLOX holdings, and SmartNFT holdings. No additional information will be released until, at the earliest, we hear back from the exchanges.

Wrap Up

Please understand, we will do everything we can to give each of you ample time to make the best decisions for your own holdings (including deciding that you want to continue staking or farming and not participate in the snapshot if that’s what best for you) and repeat those announcements hundreds of times across all of our social media platforms. Our staff members and ambassadors will be doing the same thing in multiple languages. Feel free to enjoy your weekend knowing you won’t be missing anything from us! While we wait, the Lox Network website is in the process of updating, both SmartLOX and SmartNFT will get their own identity and sites after the LOX Network site is complete and MetaLOX’s website is in the planning stages. There will be more information in the coming weeks as we disclose the teams that will be joining us in MetaLOX. Thanks for the support as always #LoxFamily! -Team LOX

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