27 May, 2022
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End of week update

27 May, 2022

Wrapping up another week with a LOT of behind the scenes action. Like we mentioned earlier this week, though, this update (and maybe the next one) will be short and sweet as we gear up for beta launches.

Met Update

Our third meeting went extremely well! While the department has not made any formal commitments, the London Metropolitan Police continue to set up offices and time to speak with us; and that itself speaks volumes. What they need from us at this time is a working application to show how the Lox Network works and be able to see the power and speed of blockchain technology.

Many people still use the words blockchain and cryptocurrency interchangeably — meaning many people think the words are essentially the same thing. Once we are able to visually demonstrate with real life people who don’t own any cryptocurrency that they (or anyone) can in fact use blockchain technology to verify data in real time, we hope they’ll be encouraged to consider it’s benefits.

We feel the SmartLOX Mobile Security App powered by the Lox Network is the key to unlocking their understanding of blockchain technology and helping to remove any prejudice law enforcement may have about cryptocurrency in general.


We’re headed into the final days of the MEXC trading competition! It’s still not too late to join the fun using our link. Full disclosure, Lox Technology may receive payment from MEXC with each new account using the provided referral link. MEXC are building quickly with frequent updates. Just today, they announced that MEXC users can view real-time prices and candlestick chart data on TradingView. It might seem like a minor update in the grand scheme of things, but the fact that such a large team focuses on small details like that is very exciting! If you’re interested in following what they’re building, please follow our friends at MEXC on Twitter and be sure to use our link to sign up!

Wrap Up

The fifth and final Lox Trio snapshot is scheduled for Sunday. Once that’s complete, we’ll begin to take the averages of the five snapshot dates for each of the Lox Trio tokens and figure out the Top 100 holders by average, giving us 300 holders. These 300 holders will be entitled to receive one Lox Founders Key NFT — with the limit, of course, being one per person so no single person can receive multiple NFTs. The NFTs are ready for distribution, so it’s just a matter of finalizing data.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to get your questions in for the monthly AMA! There’s still time to get your input to our staff, ambassadors and moderators.

We’re looking forward to finishing this stretch of development and bring some fresh exciting news! Thanks as always for the patience and support, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox


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