18 February, 2022
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End of week update

18 February, 2022

There’s some exciting stuff happening, so let’s just jump right in this one, shall we?


BIG NEWS! A LOX Network-to-Binance Smart Chain bridge is now in our pipeline! This will allow LOX Trio tokens a direct, decentralized connection to and from BSC. The bridge’s potential also provides any XRPL-based projects and their token holders a new opportunity to access BSC products and tokens. We believe the XRPL DEX is the greatest example of pure decentralization and hope this addition brings more awareness to it’s power and elegance.

For those familiar with SWFT Bridge, this is a fair comparison for a visual explanation. The fundamental round-trip structure will essentially go: XRPL’s built-in DEX <> LOX/XRPL BRIDGE <>LOX’s built-in DEX <> LOX/BSC BRIDGE <> BSC. Much more on this will be discussed in the tech documents as they release. 

SmartLOX Sneak Peek

In case you missed it, we dropped a sneak peek of the SmartLOX app.

There’s more in the Discord (note: this link expires Feb. 25) and Telegram (specifically pinned messages 226-231). Join us!

Wrap Up

We’re still in talks with a third exchange, recently added a fourth exchange to the list and working on finding the appropriate team to help build-out MetaLOX. We’re expecting to hear from Hurrian on a new airdrop date (FYI, they’re still working with Bitrue to see if they can come to an agreement). And we will need to find better names than LOX Wallet and LOX DEX. If you have any ideas, feel free to reach out! Thanks as always for the support #LoxFamily! – Team LOX

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