15 April, 2022
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End of week update

15 April, 2022

Another week of grinding away, inching closer to release. There are so many screenshots from the SmartLOX app! It’s just a matter of time at this point.

Yes, I know. I need to charge my phone.

Meetings, meetings, meetings…

While the devs are hard at work on the products, Operations are working behind the scenes. We’ve lined up meetings with representatives from Google and Apple! While these are two of the biggest names, arguably the two biggest names, please remember that these are just introductory meetings to get to know each other and let them know who we at Lox Technology are, what Lox Network is all about, and how we plan to reimagine mobile security. It’s still a very exciting time to be invited to the table!

Another meeting that we’re anticipating is with the Metropolitan Police Department in London. For those unfamiliar with the Met, it is considered one of the most important — if not the most important — police force in the UK. Small police departments often follow the lead set by the Metropolitan. This meeting is one we need to win.

The entire root of Lox Network was born out of a need for a universally accepted, decentralized IMEI blacklist free of proprietary controls. While each of the well-known mobile carrier’s have good intentions with their respective blacklists, the lack of interoperability between each blacklist is a major vulnerability that bad actors have exploited for years mostly at the cost of each individual victim. Onboarding law enforcement, especially one as influential as London’s Metropolitan Police, and having them plug into Lox Network’s capabilities will give each Lox Network user a lot more power and remove much of the burden forced on mobile carriers. This meeting is huge for us!

Wrap Up

There’s a lot happening that we can’t say much about yet. With the testnet launch approaching, we will be intensifying our marketing push targeting established media outlets like CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, among top crypto media sites. We’ll also be launching an advertising campaign at major airports (maybe even Times Square?). Also, expect a two-page editorial on Lucas in the near future that we’ll definitely be hyping up as soon as it publishes.

As for other developments on the horizon, the new LOX site is ready. The SmartLOX site is just around the corner. MetaLOX is next and SmartNFT will have a short one-page site as well. Once all of the sites are done, they will go live at the same time.

And, right before we take off for the weekend, we still need a name for our Lox wallet. If you have a good name in mind, please feel free to share in our Discord and Telegram channels.

With that, thanks for the support as always, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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