28 February, 2022
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Start of week update

28 February, 2022

Get your Sharpie our as we kick off the week to mark your calendars for March 5! Lox Technology will host an AMA that day to discuss progress on LOX, SmartLOX, SmartNFT and some of the ideas behind MetaLOX. We’ll go ahead and kick off the first AMA question now.

This question comes from Brandon Sewell of Views on Brews.

“I’m interested to know how lox will approach the mass adoption of the tech to the world? Is it via entertaining mobile networks & if so, how? (not an easy question to answer I know🤦‍♂️😜)”

“We are approaching the market from multiple angles. LOX provides a new platform for new business opportunities, up-and-coming projects, as well as offer some unique functionality to established companies.

SmartLOX, our original core product, has some interesting partnerships already in the works and the subject of Nano tags will be back on the agenda, so expect to hear more about that over the coming weeks. SmartNFT is the link between all the inner workings of the other applications and connects them to LOX Network. It will provide both the marketplace and a decentralized exchange needed for a healthy ecosystem. LOX wallet and security app integration is planned to have a 2FA authenticator built-in for additional security. And MetaLOX will tie all of the above and utilize it in ways only limited by our imaginations. Don’t foget, LoxDAO is still in the pipeline and will bring a new dimension to the overall project.

A bit of a long answer, but as you can see we are trying to cover angles from NFT security to play-to-earn and user-driven content.

Build a demo showcase and the people will come!”


We’ve extended the SoluLab deal to include MetaLOX! SoloLab is already well-versed in everything Lox Technology related, familiar with the #LoxFamily and genuinely understands what we’re trying to achieve. We’re very excited to strengthen our partnership! That said, we will be bringing in new team members and transitioning a couple of team members from our other projects. This will help for a seamless integration of all projects. Additionally, we’ll have a new project manager who will oversee all three projects ensuring everyone is in sync and on the same page.

LOX & SmartLOX

As you already know, SmartLOX has completed discovery and has moved into the design phase. LOX, meanwhile, is scheduled to wrap up it’s own discovery phase this week allowing the project to move in to the design phase. This then opens the door to roll MetaLOX into the our timeline and start the discover phase.

That documentation will be featured on each project’s respective website, but the introductory documentation can be found here for now. We’re hoping for more content over the next few weeks.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you saw our teaser on Twitter! Work on a demo AR game with some NFT goodness has started. Just a fun little play-to-earn project that we plan to have done sometime this spring. Since we touched on the MetaLOX discovery phase, it’s important to try to manage expectations here. MetaLOX is a lot more complex with a lot of components. This discovery phase will take a few months. Plan not to receive much news on this for at least 12 weeks.

With that, check out our Discord for previous AMA questions and answers (note: that link will expire March 6, 2022). We’d love to see you in the next AMA March 5! Thanks for the support #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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