04 March, 2022
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End of week update

04 March, 2022

First off, we apologize for the miscommunication on the AMA. It is scheduled for tomorrow, but our tweet said otherwise and we only just caught it a few hours ago. We’ll get that corrected and be right back on track. Expect the AMA tomorrow. We do apologize for any inconvenience (especially those who may have stayed awake waiting on it!)

Update Change

That leads into a minor change in our update schedule. As the community voted for an AMA to kick off the start of every month, the AMA will also cover the first update for each month going forward. This will only affect the first update of each month. Every other update will publish as scheduled.

Hurrian Note

Our friends at Hurrian updated their community on Twitter that they have come to a deal with Bitrue; and the exchange will support the airdrop. Questions regarding details on the airdrop (e.g. ratios, what specific Bitrue wallets are supported, etc) should be directed to the Hurrian team. But we know the team will take a snapshot of all Lox Trio holders March 12 and scheduled to begin the airdrop March 26.

Media Avails

Speaking of March 26, we are scheduled to appear on JTXRP‘s YouTube channel for an hour-long interview starting at 9 pm London time that Saturday where we’ll be discussing everything Lox Network related. JT has a relatively small audience right now, so let’s go out there and support his work for the XRPL community! We are also coordinating a second interview; this one with someone who probably doesn’t need an introduction to the #LoxFamily. Keep an eye out for a date and time with Jenna.XRP‘s show (and maybe hit her up to let her know how much you want to hear her talk about Lox!)

Wrap Up

We’re still working on a third exchange listing, updating our Gitbook, and adding more talent to the team. Once again, apologies for the miscommunication on the AMA, but we’re hoping you’ll join us tomorrow. See you then, #LoxFamily! – Team Lox

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