Blockchain/Solidity Developer

United Kingdom, London
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  • 3+ years of experience with Solidity, smart contract development/Over 3 years of experience writing, testing, deploying and validating Solidity applications.

  • Experience in microservices architecture.

  • Experience in REST API development.

  • Experience in Docker.

  • Building experiences for cloud deployments.

  • Git and Github experience.

  • Experience with Uniswap, SushiSwap, Aave & other AMM DEXes.

  • Experience with OpenSea.

  • Understanding EVM.

  • Experience with GraphQL API.

  • Experience in building and using CI / CD.

  • Database experience: Postgres, CockroachDB.

  • Own Ethereum tools such as Truffle (Ganache), Web3.

  • Proficient with ERC20, ERC 721, ERC 1155 standards.

  • Experience with OpenZeppelin, Truffle or Hardhat.

  • Works with L2 or different side chains.

  • Understanding how Ethereum stores state and associated data structures.

  • Reliability and ABI knowledge (e.g. mapping variables to storage slots).

  • Ethereum blockchain testing tools (e.g. Truffle, Embark, Hard Hat, etc.).


  • Smart contracts development.

  • Token contracts audit.

  • Developing microservice architecture.

  • Evaluate different blockchain protocols/platforms to explore solution alternatives.

We offer:

  • Our own product.

  • Annual paid vacations (14 working days).

  • Sick leave compensation.

  • Professional development and career growth.

  • Warm and friendly working environment.

  • Fun corporate events.

Stuart Harris

Chief of Staff

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